Unrivalled business insights, productivity and low lifetime cost with Topcon + MAGNET

Change is daunting, but unless you’re keeping ahead of the game technologically, you’re missing out in more ways than one. Not only are you losing potential clients, but key data insights on your live projects, too. You need to know that the business benefits will far outweigh the investment for hardware and software integration, and with Position Partners, we’ll guarantee you’ll experience those benefits instantly, together with maximum ROI and low lifetime-ownership cost.

MAGNET Software Suite

MAGNET is a powerful tool with the full range of features required for geospatial, measuring and positioning tasks with design optimisation to help you streamline business activity and improve profit. Plan, manage, and oversee your projects, track and manage your assets, simplify processes and reduce chances for errors with 3D visualisation. With Topcon as a constant partner in providing you with the tools that suit your needs, you’ll be 100% set for all your specific surveying needs, allowing you to plan, manage and oversee your projects easily and successfully.

Unrivalled fast-turnaround implementation and superior training and support

Thanks to MAGNET’s high-level usability, plus fast implementation and support from Position Partners, we’ll have you trained up and running independently in just a couple of days. You’ll be able to run and customise your own reports easily, getting the best insights out of your data whatever measurement tools you’re using.  And, with Tokara remote support and design optimisation services from Position Partners, you’ll stay more productive in the field if technical problems do arise. Our trained technicians, many of whom are qualified surveyors and engineers themselves, can step you through the changes or updates required or even take control of your tablet to change settings and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Highest data accuracy

Topcon has developed unrivalled levels of precision in data accuracy to enable unbeatable key insights, allowing your project the best potential for success, a thriving business reputation and repeat business.

  • MAGNET Survey and Enterprise Solutions Oversee all your projects, collaborate better between your field and office teams, and control your time, data, and profitability like never before with this secure web service:
  • Connected positioning data for field layout crews, surveyors, and office project teams
  • Cloud-based data storage connecting field and office teams
  • Connect your team with real-time access to your project data
  • Share anytime, anywhere to be better informed, and more productive
  • Gain secured access to project data using any web browser on any device to oversee the real-time advancement of your projects
  • True project management tool for assignment of tasks and calendar completion
  • Digital platform for reviewing, sharing, and commenting
  • 3D panorama and map views and 3D virtual modelling with full-visibility sharing to enable interactive discussion and faster fine-tuning
  • Office software solutions for a wide range of surveying, design, and construction applications

MAGNET Field  is an intuitive and powerful field application software that enables you to collect survey mapping data and perform construction and road layout using total stations, levels, and GNSS receivers. Here are just some of its capabilities:

  • Perform topographic and layout operations with a supportive Microsoft Bing Maps satellite image background
  • Carry your custom CAD standards to the field with a single screen tap, resulting in instant 3D linework, models and symbols
  • Advanced roading tool set
  • Calculate, contour, and compare surfaces
  • Surface staking with automatic Digital Terrain Model creation
  • Colourised cut and fill indicators, as well as volume calculations
  • Direct connectivity to your private Company Account for easy data exchange and quick chat
  • Real-time images behind your points, lines, and imported design files

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