Vision Surveys Consulting gets better network results with Topcon Hiper HR GNSS receiver combined with AllDayRTK CORS network

Vision Surveys Consulting, a cadastral survey company, was ready to upgrade its instruments after experiencing frustration with the lack of satellites being observed with the existing equipment.

After meeting with Position Partners and doing a trial of the Topcon Hiper HR GNSS receiver in combination with the AllDayRTK CORS network, Chris Owen, Survey Coordinator at Vision Surveys Consulting, noted a marked improvement in efficiency and better network results.

“Having all the satellite constellations available with the Topcon Hiper HR makes a noticeable difference. Previously, with the Topcon Hiper SR, being under or even near trees could lead to a loss of fix, but with the Topcon Hiper HR it’s amazing the locations you will maintain an accurate and reliable fix.” Mr Owen said.

Always connected

Vision Surveys Consulting completes many cadastral surveys and being able to coordinate the points on the job without relying on a total station or conventional RTK is crucial.

“It’s so handy for us, always having access to the AllDayRTK network, its updated coverage is great because then we can get an absolute position for a point within 5 minutes. We use it a lot with cadastral surveying when searching for buried marks, so having that ability to arrive at site, pull out the GNSS receiver and immediately start finding marks improves our efficiency a great deal” said Mr Owen.

“When undertaking static GPS with the Hiper HR we’re noticing some impressive results. After checking the determined position against total station observations, it seems the majority of the error can be put down to levelling, centring and the tape measured height of the receiver.”


Seamless workflow

The main benefit that Mr Owen has noted since using the Topcon Hiper HR GNSS receiver with the AllDayRTK network is how reliable and seamless the workflow is.

“There’re are very few connectivity issues and we appreciate that. New functions and features are nice but reliability is probably the most important thing to us” said Mr Owen.

“We’ll have the GNSS receiver out to set up a base line then disconnect and connect to our total station and it is seamless. The MAGNET Field software, is very user friendly and makes this an easy process. Many of the other employees at VSC will attest to this.”

Service and support is crucial

Service and support is crucial when choosing which supplier to go with and is one of the reasons Mr Owen continues to work with Position Partners, he noted that he can approach the team at Position Partners with a problem and they work with him to solve it.

“Everyone I’ve worked with at Position Partners has been very helpful and I’ve always loved the service that Position Partners gives, they’ll always do what they can to turn around our equipment quickly and help us with what we need,” said Mr Owen.

“Very personable people and that customer support and that relationship we’ve built has kept us with Position Partners.”

Mr Owen also finds that the support and information provided by his Customer Success Manager at Position Partners is invaluable.

“Every time there’s a new release on MAGNET Field or MAGNET Tools, Karl will come in. He also comes in quarterly and lets us know what’s coming, what are the big changes, what we need to be aware of.” said Mr Owen.

“Karl is always interested in the process of how we do things because it helps him to help us.”