Topcon ImageMaster

Combine survey data and generate 3D models

Topcon ImageMaster enables you to integrate digital imagery with 3D data captured using your chosen survey tool, be it the IS imaging station, a terrestrial laser scanner or a digital camera.

ImageMaster enables you to generate 3D models using stereo photo pairs. Imaging, scanning and photogrammetry projects come to life in this powerful PC software.

Easy to use:

  • Simple graphical interface
  • Automated measurement, orientation and calibration procedures
  • Familiar Windows environment

ImageMaster comes in three editions to suit your application requirements:

ImageMaster ProGives full access to Topcon's Capture Reality range and provides the tools to make imaging effective in your workplace. Combine a GLS-1500, IS, 7000i and digital camera with ease, create 3D textured models or produce linework from stereopair photos. Draw elevations, compute volumes, create sections, measure areas - all from a single software platform. ImageMaster Pro replaces PI-3000 Pro and has the added ability to handle scanned data.

ImageMaster STD
This edition is a simplified version of ImageMaster Pro, for handling and processing scanning data. If you have no need for measurement from stereopairs or working with the 7000i series then this is the version for you. The majority of Pro's functionality is maintained with this version, providing a powerful software package for creating and editing models from scanned data. 

ImageMaster IS
ImageMaster for IS is included with the Imaging Station, specifically for allowing remote control collection and preparation of IS scan data for export to third party software. Simple output to DXF, PTS or text delivers a working dataset for modelling in your software of choice.

Designed to interface with the IS

Control the IS via WLAN and conduct your survey from the comfort of your office or site vehicle. Alternatively, import data collected "onboard" and view this data with value added image information to enhance your site description

Combine and georeference models with ease

Using tie points or known survey stations, combine multiple data sources into a single model to maximise efficiency on site. Enables you to combine data from conventional survey equipment, with scanner pointclouds and digital photogrammetry data.

Fast and easy bundle adjustment

Using powerful tie-point creation tools, identify a minimum of 6 points in your stereo pairs. The software's bundle adjustment computes the model orientation, allowing you to create coordinates from pixels. 

ImageMaster viewer

Photorealistic models are just a few clicks away and the free viewer software means your clients can view your projects in an almost identical work environment.





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