Dumply Levels for sale or hire Australia | Position partners

Dumpy Levels , Digital Levels For Sale or Hire

For precision height measurements, choose from our range of digital levels and dumpy levels for the construction industry and professional tradesmen. Accurate, reliable and rugged to withstand the harsh on-site environment. Available to buy or to rent from Position Partners branches.

  • Transit Level aLine for sale | Position Partners

    aLine Transit Level

    inc GST
  • Dumpy Level, Automatic Level Sokkia B40A | Position Partners

    Sokkia B40A Automatic Level

    inc GST

    Sokkia SDL1X Digital Level

    inc GST
  • Sokkia SDL30 Digital Level

    Sokkia SDL30 Digital Level

    inc GST
  • Topcon AT-B Dumpy Levels

    Topcon AT-B Series Dumpy Levels

    inc GST
  • Topcon DL-500 Digital Level

    Topcon DL-500 Series Digital Levels

    inc GST