• Flatmesh Monitoring

    Senceive FlatMesh

    Wireless mesh networked monitoring platform ideal for complex layouts or challenging and difficult t...
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  • Tilt Sensor Senceive from Position Partners

    NanoMacro Tilt Sensor

    The FlatMesh NanoMacro is an extremely high precision and exceptionally stable three axis tilt senso...
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  • Flatmesh-Gateway.

    FlatMesh 3G Gateway

    • Suits all Flatmesh nodes
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  • Flatmesh 3 Optical Displacement Sensor Node

    FlatMesh Optical Displacement Node

    • Convergence/divergence for Tunnel/Arch intrados or bridge abutments
    • Vertical...
    inc GST
  • FlatMesh 3 Temperature Sensor Node

    FlatMesh Temperature Sensor Node

    • Steel structures
    • Rail, for critical rail temperature alerting
    • Co...
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  • FlatMesh 3 Triaxial Tilt Sensor Node | Position Partners

    FlatMesh Triaxial Tilt Sensor Node

    • Tunnel distortion
    • Tunnel heave / settlement
    • Embankment slippage<...
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  • Webmonitor Senceive from position partners


    • Site Monitor
    • Data visualization
    • Alerts, text and messaging
    • ...
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  • Flatmesch 3 Crack sensor node | Position Partners

    FlatMesh 3 Crack Sensor Node

    • Crack movement
    • Pile separation
    • Structural movement
    • E...
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