ClearEdge3D Verity

ClearEdge3D Verity

Built according to plan—100% verified

Advanced construction verification software

Construction verification software that analyzes point clouds of as-built construction against the design/fabrication model and flags any out-of-tolerance work

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Find mistakes before they become expensive problems

Verity from ClearEdge3D rapidly compares point cloud data with design and fabrication models for 100% verification of completed work. Provide a complete record and validation of work installed and detailed information on any deviations from specified tolerances. Verity, which is fully integrated with Autodesk Navisworks®, identifies non-compliant work and out-of-spec variances to minimize costly rework.


  • Clear indication of construction quality and as-built variances
  • Reduced risks to budgets and schedules
  • Increased project profitability by minimizing rework
  • Full integration with Autodesk Navisworks
  • Opportunity to compare to your 4D simulation to stay on schedule

It’s estimated that 5% to 12% of a construction project budget is consumed by mistakes and rework. New software called Verity™ (from the makers of EdgeWise™) dramatically reduces this financial impact, resulting in reduced risk, more profitable construction projects, more accurate as-builts and  fewer schedule delays.

Verity compares point clouds against design & fabrication models, allowing you to verify 100% of your work in the time it currently takes you to spot check 5%. The software helps you find construction mistakes before they become expensive problems.

Understand what work has been installed

Verity provides unprecedented insight into and control over your construction project by analyzing and comparing what has actually been built against the design/fab model to determine which elements have been installed to date and flagging any out-of-tolerance or inaccurately constructed work.

 Verify 100% of your work in the time it takes to spot-check 5%

If you’re like most GCs, your field engineers, armed with a total station or a tape measure, spot check anywhere from 5% to 10% of your subcontractor’s work. This is a wholly inadequate workflow for today’s complex projects and invariably leads to downstream clashes, schedule delays and cost overruns. With Verity and a laser scanner, you can check 100% of your work in the time it takes to spot check. Verity gives you a complete record of a sub’s work—when it was installed and if it was installed to spec.

 Reduce costly rework from as-built variances

Verity analyzes constructed elements including footers, structural members, MEP, concrete, penetrations, walls, and more. Elements in the design/fab model are Verity CUP Results Stoplight Captionchecked to determine installation status and accuracy. Out-of-tolerance work can be highlighted, annotated and pushed to the subcontractor, project manager and all stakeholders as an HTML or PDF report.

 Clash detect the as-built in Navisworks using the Verity data

The Verity variance data can be exported to Navisworks to perform clash detection on the as-built position of any element, thereby reducing the likelihood of downstream rework and schedule delays from out-of-tolerance construction. The Navisworks file along with a free Verity viewer (coming soon) can be sent to your subs along with the element’s associated points, annotations and critical variance data.

 Communicate findings to all stakeholders

Verity has a robust report generator that clearly communicates out-of-tolerance data along with screen shots, annotations, heat maps, and much more. Reports can be output in HTML or PDF and emailed, printed or uploaded to all stakeholders.   The software is fully integrated with Navisworks so the variance data identified in Verity can be automatically exported to Navisworks for additional analysis and documentation. In several months, a free Verity viewer will be available to allow all project stakeholders to easily understand, analyze and annotate the variance data using Verity’s enhanced visualization interface.

 Deliver accurate as-built models and drawings

Many owner/operators are requiring a final, accurate as-built BIM at commissioning. Verity gives subs and GCs several important features to deliver a final, accurate as-built with minimal additional effort. Point Cloud data from any out-of-tolerance element can be exported to the proper design platform allowing the design/fab model to be updated natively by the sub-contractor.

Verity is a powerful new tool to give you unprecedented control over your construction project ensuring work is completed on time, on spec and on budget.





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