Topcon LN-150 Construction Total Station

Topcon LN-150 Construction Total Station

Construction Total Station made for the Building Trades

The LN-150 layout tool takes you from paper plans and tape measures into digital layout and construction verification workflows. This tool is easy to learn and easy to use, letting you automate and execute layout and construction verification processes for increased productivity, accuracy, and bottom-line savings.

  • Single-operator solution for precise 3D layout
  • Easy one-button, self-leveling setup
  • Wi-Fi and long-range Bluetooth® instrument communication options
  • Seamless cloud-connected workflows with Autodesk, Bentley, and MAGNET
  • Easy to use with MAGNET or Pocket3D software

Access our on-demand webinar and learn more about the key features of the Topcon LN-150, the Topcon LN-150 workflow and how you can quickly and easily set up the LN-150, position it on site, and then start setting out your own points or lines.

One person set out has never been this easy!

If you work in the building construction trades, this easy to use total station is designed for you and the work you do. Set out your design from a digital file on the tablet, with real time visual guidance to ensure your work is accurate to within millimetres. No more tape measures, no more stringlines, no more rework!

Simply power on the instrument and it will self level so you’re ready to work in seconds.

Use your wireless controller to call up simple point layout or large, complex CAD drawings in the palm of your hand, anywhere on site.

Reduce your dependence on surveyors needing to check every bolt hole – check the work before any concrete is poured and make your life and the job a lot easier.

  • Topcon construction set out solutions
  • No more stringlines, survey-accurate set out
  • As easy to use as a Topcon laser level, as accurate as a total station
  • Ideal for builders, concreters, plumbers, formworkers, electricians and other trades
Easy setup and operation
Advanced measuring and layout
Rugged, compact design

Frequently Ask Questions

Delays cost money. Mistakes cost money

With more than 80 years of optical technology innovation behind it, Topcon’s LN-150 layout navigator was engineered for contractors’ specific indoor/outdoor positioning needs.

The layout navigator automatically locks onto the prism for real-time positioning on the go. Built to perform on any project that demands confident, precise 3D positioning at up to a 130m working radius, the LN-150 is a uniquely user-friendly solution for your positioning needs.

Topcon’s intelligent layout tools will increase your efficiency and avoid costly rework through accurate layout of your digital site plans. Layout all this and more with the Topcon LN Series:

  • Columns
  • Penetrations
  • Lift shafts
  • Slab Edge
  • Wet areas
  • Internal walls
  • Grid lines


Display the design point or line that you need, touch it on your controller, and the LN-150 immediately points to the exact location. It can also lock onto a prism and guide you to the next design points.

Support, training and back up is never far away with Position Partners

With support from Position Partners, Topcon‘s distributor for more than 20 years, you’ll learn how to get the most out of this building construction total station technology and set our your plans with confidence. Thanks to award-winning Tokara remote support, help is only a phone call away and the team of surveyors, engineers and technical experts are on hand to keep you productive.

Easy data workflows

The LN-150 is optimized for use with MAGNET field, cloud, and office software and includes seamlessly integrated workflows with popular design software, including:

  • Autodesk’s Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD Civil3D, and BIM 360
  • Bentley’s ProjectWise and OpenRoads

Field control with MAGNET Construct covers basic layout and verification applications, while MAGNET Field can be used for more advanced applications such as setting jobsite control.

Construction set out applications

Interior Building Infrastructure

  • Decking
  • Wall and ceiling layout
  • Columns
  • Lift shafts
  • Penetrations
  • Wet Areas
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • IT Cabling

Foundations and Footings

  • Anchor bolts
  • Foundation walls
  • Building footprint
  • Concrete forms
  • Slab edges
  • Abutments

Utilities and General Layout

  • Excavation limits
  • Elevation staking
  • Pipelines
  • Clearing limits
  • Underground utilities
  • Landscaping
  • Drilling
  • Power transmissions

Rugged, compact design

  • Small and lightweight
  • Waterproof and dustproof design
  • Easy to carry
  • Completely sealed housing

Easy setup and operation

  • On the ground or decking
  • Mounts on tripod or column clamp
  • Automatic self-levelling
  • Alerts user if disturbed

Advanced measuring and layout

  • Built-in wireless connectivity
  • Large working range
  • Automatically turns to layout points
  • Tracks a standard prism
Adrian Prevost, Director, Kraftur

In the words of our people using this technology, as well as the training they’ve received, it represents one of the best improvements they’ve seen in their working lives.

Colin, Foreman, McNab

We’ve been able to use it ourselves for getting accurate heights as well as all the sub-base prep and the CBR prep. Robbie’s been able to complete all the set out tasks for all the trades on site, accurately to design

Robert Dopking, McNab

It improves the accuracy of all our set out work on site, plus we can continually check work as we go instead of going back when something has already been poured or set out. Cadet Engineer

Set out your site plans yourself

Reduce your dependence on surveyors and eliminate rework with the LN-100 or LN-150 construction layout tool from Topcon, supported by our team of survey and technical experts at Position Partners
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