Topcon MC-Max Excavator

Topcon MC-Max Excavator

Topcon Australia
Accelerate Excavation Work

Topcon gives you the flexibility to configure your excavator to meet the job at hand. Work in 2D, 3D, guidance only or fully automation modes. With all-new sensors, GNSS receivers, control box and 3D-MC software, MC-Max is the fastest, most responsive system yet.

SAVE $20K on fully automatic systems before 31st January 2024!

Advanced performance for civil earthworks

  • 3-year warranty on serialised components
  • Available for all makes, models and sizes of excavator
  • GNSS and total station positioning options to work in all conditions
  • Grade check with the bucket edge
  • GX-55 or GX-75 control box options


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Configure to your needs
All makes and models
Easy to use software

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Configure to your needs
All makes and models
Easy to use software

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1 review for Topcon MC-Max Excavator

  1. P Stadelbauer

    Since implementing the X-53x, we’re getting good readings back on our fuel economy. The machine’s not working as hard, because the operator usually would be jerking the levers, but with the automated system installed he isn’t, it’s sort of flowing through smoothly.

    It also makes it easier when you’re selecting staff, because as long as they’ve got some GPS experience they’ll understand the system and away you go. You can flick it into and out of auto with just a push of a button: to put it in you push two buttons and to take it out you push one. You don’t even look at the screen, it’s just done with your fingers.

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