Tripod Wood, Heavy Duty Triangle Head

Tripod Wood, Heavy Duty Triangle Head


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Wooden tripod for high-precision total stations and lasers

  • The tripod is made of lacquered, high-quality wood.
  • A special processing with oil protects the wood from humidity and water.
  • Wooden tripods show excellent damping qualities. In comparison to aluminium-made tripods shocks and vibrations on the jobsite get much better absorbed. This enhances measurement accuracy.
  • Exposed to bright sunlight wood proves to have much less expansion than metal-made items. This also adds to the quality and reliability of any survey work -no matter what weather conditions you have to cope with.
  • Especially when working with high-precision instruments – like total stations or theodolites -using a quality wooden tripod is absolutely recommended.
  • The handling is as simple and convenient as it is with aluminium tripods. The legs extend without jamming which prevents the tripod from wear. Nonetheless – the clamping system works absolutely reliable.
Head Flat, metal
Working range, 1m distance of tips 90-170cm
Transport length 107cm
Clamping Clamp Screw
Weight 6,200g
Thread connection 5/8″

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