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Hardware Maintenance

To keep your products running in optimum condition, Position Partners offers
comprehensive product maintenance agreements.

With unique benefits such as a guaranteed buy-back or trade-in on your hardware after three years, extended warranty and complimentary accessories replacements, maintenance agreements protect your investment and keep you productive.

Product Maintenance

Keep your GNSS, total station and field controller working in optimum condition with a product maintenance agreement. 
With extended warranty and a guaranteed buy-back or trade-in price for three years, our maintenance agreements 
give you peace of mind that your investment is protected and return is maximised.


A Guaranteed buy-back 
or trade-in for 3 years

Priority scheduled servicing 
5 working day turnaround

Data & Settings 
storage during repairs

Annual service 
with firmware update

Extended hardware 

Free replacement consumables e.g. batteries, screen protectors


No charge for hire equipment 
during warranty repairs
 or scheduled services


Capped charge for hire
 equipment during 
at-fault repairs

Company Support - Powered by Tokara Link

To support your employees, Position Partners offers company-wide
support for your business to ensure everyone is getting the most
from your systems. Our nationwide team of experts is on-hand to help, over the phone, in person or remotely using our unique Tokara telematics service.

Tokara Link enables Position Partners’ technicians to connect directly to your survey hardware to provide fast, hassle-free remote support and remote firmware updates.

Tokara Link gives you help on hand when you need it.

Support That Works For You

Company Support

Our support agreements give you peace of mind that help is on hand when you need it. 
Our nationwide team of support experts ensures your employees get the most from your equipment,
 keeping everyone working as productively and efficiently as possible.


Tokara Link phone & 
email support

Priority response 
for support requests

Remote basic
 surveyor training 

10% loyalty discount 
for Campus training
 & survey accessories

Annual support 
summary report 
on request

services included at
 no extra cost

Pay-as-you-go remote services

If you choose not to sign a support plan with us, these services will be charged as required on a case by case basis.

BENEFIT PROVIDEDIncluded in support agreement
Upload projection & geoids.
Set up of RTK network login (excludes network subscription).
Program radio frequencies and configure radios.
3D design conversion to correct format (no manipulation).
GNSS static support (best practice, setup and download).
Multi-brand configuration – connecting to 3rd party GNSS & total stations.
Instrument software setup – GNSS, robotic total stations.
Update firmware and software.
Software licence retrieval or change to new data collector.
Bluetooth & connectivity.

Need something else?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or  you have a unique project you’d like to discuss with us, please drop us a note and we’ll  be in touch!

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