Machine Guidance in mining planning

Sticking to the plan with machine guidance

Machine guidance helps to improve productivity of not only the machines, but the operators on site as well. High precision machine guidance technology provides a 3D visual of each machine’s location in the mine, as well as an accurate status…
Machine Guidance for mine sites | Position Partners

Why you need machine guidance on your mine site

Machine guidance is a technology that precisely tracks a machine within a mine to ensure adherence to the mine plan.  It gives machine operators and project managers data to stop over digging, under digging, and digging in the wrong location.…
Fleet Management Systems

Getting the data you need with Position Partners Fleet Management Systems

Fleet Management Systems (FMS) provide mine management with relevant production, machine utilisation and health data. But how much of this data do you actually use? In the mining industry, the main objective of a fleet management system is…
Omnidots vibration monitoring available from position partners

Omnidots vibration monitoring solutions now available from Position Partners

Intelligent positioning solutions provider Position Partners to distribute Omnidots’ innovative wireless vibration monitoring platform throughout Australia and New Zealand. Omnidots specialises in easy to setup, autonomous, reliable vibration…
Topcon total station | ARP Surveyors

Topcon Total Station from Position Partners helps start-up surveying company to minimise risks and increase efficiency

Rob Lyon, Registered Surveyor and Director, ARP Surveyors, an expanding start-up business focussing on cadastral surveys and engineering surveying has been using the Topcon Total Station from Position Partners for the past 12 months for all…
GPS Line Marking Robot Position Partners

Tiny Surveyor offers CPB Contractors repeatability of results.

James Sharpe, Survey Manager, CPB Contractors, purchased the Tiny Surveyor GPS line marking robot from Position Partners for the West Gate Tunnel Project that involves an upgrade of the existing West Gate Freeway and a new tunnel. “It’s…
Line Marking robot | Tiny Surveyor

Tiny Surveyor increases safety for Central Darling Shire Council

Reece Wilson, Director of Shire Services, Central Darling Shire Council purchased the Tiny Surveyor - Road Line Marking robot from Position Partners for a range of road works projects including an initial seal works project. “Central Darling…
Why get your scales calibrated | Position Partners

Why should you get your scales calibrated regularly?

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) advises that industrial scales should be calibrated every 6-12 months depending on the stresses applied to the scale, or after major hydraulic work is completed on the scale. This is for maintaining accuracy,…