Fleet Management Systems | Position Partners

Optimise your construction technology systems with the Position Partners support network

It’s a common misconception that simply installing the latest tech in your plant machinery will ensure a successful project. In reality, installing a construction technology system is only ever the first step. When it comes to construction…
Tokara Remote support for machines

Technical support solutions with our on-site and remote services

Getting you back up and running with our support services So you’ve visited Position Partners, you’ve rented or bought a piece of equipment, and now you’re itching to finally get it out in the field to use on your project.But a lot…
GRade control for compact machines, CARLSON LANDFILL GRADE

9 Benefits of Carlson LandfillGrade

Waste management facilities are under increasing pressure to maximise efficiency with our finite landfill resources. Adopting Carlson LandfillGrade machine guidance, available from Position Partners, is an effective method to increase productivity.Customers…
Machine control Australia - Position partners

Machine control is here to stay, and we’re here to help

At Position Partners we know that great products are only half the story – the rest is making those products work and getting the most out of them. If you haven’t already upgraded to using machine control technology in your construction…
RTK GPS , Alldayrtk south australia and the tiny surveyor

GPS upgrade putting robots on the road to fast track major SA infrastructure projects

The time it takes to complete major road infrastructure projects will be considerably reduced as a result of significant satellite GPS upgrades under a joint Commonwealth Government, South Australian Government and private sector partnership.…
MiRTK | internet enabled corrections for GNSS base stations.

MiRTK provides consistency of connection on site for Hazell Bros Group

Jason Ward, Site Engineer, Hazell Bros Group, was working on a highway project doing some road-lining and over-taking lines when one of Position Partners’ staff members told him about MiRTK internet enabled corrections for GNSS base stations. “Hazell…

AllDayRTK CORS Network expands with 134 additional sites, more than half located in Queensland

Multiple industries to benefit from increased availability to network positioning infrastructure, including construction, mining, agriculture, and geospatial sectors. Position Partners is pleased to announce that users of AllDayRTK, the…
Position Partners awarded Fastest Growing New Partner at Rajant Corporation’s Australian Summit

Position Partners awarded Fastest Growing New Partner at Rajant Corporation’s Australian Summit

Hosted by local distributor, Madison Technologies, Annual Summit recognises top performing partners for industrial wireless network company, Rajant Corporation. Intelligent positioning solutions provider, Position Partners was awarded ‘Fastest…
blindsight safety system

Presien Announces Distribution Agreement with Position Partners to Expand Safety Solutions

Intelligent positioning solutions provider Position Partners to distribute Presien’s Blindsight AI safety system throughout Australia and New Zealand Presien and Position Partners today…