Topcon Podcast

Topcon Launches Podcast Series For Construction Industry

Topcon Positioning Group announces the launch of the Topcon Talks Construction podcast series The programming is designed to bring together a variety of guests offering unique perspectives on a wide range of topics impacting the industry.…
evolution mining using senceive

Evolution Mining improves reliability, longevity and accuracy of deformation monitoring at Mt Carlton gold mine.

Mid-tier gold producer Evolution Mining rolls out Senceive wireless monitoring platform at its Mt Carlton site to deliver live reporting to supervisors and control teams. Mt Carlton is located 150km south of Townsville, Queensland. Operating…
Soil Instruments agreement with Position Partners

Position Partners announces distribution agreement with Soil Instruments to expand deformation monitoring portfolio

Intelligent positioning solutions provider Position Partners to distribute Soil Instruments’ geotechnical sensor range for specialised monitoring applications throughout Australia and New Zealand.Soil Instruments designs and manufactures…
Combined Excavations iDig | Position Partners

Simple, User Friendly Machine Guidance

iDig is a simple 2D excavator system that gives the operator a live position of the bucket to guide them to grade quickly and accurately. It works with all makes, models and sizes of machine from little one tonne diggers up to mine excavators.Wayne…
dozer push volumetrics mining

Top 4 insights that will increase dozer push BCM

Volumetrics reporting is a simple yet powerful way to improve the efficiency of your dozer push strategy. Traditional survey methods or aerial mapping techniques report only on how much material was moved. Volumetrics reporting provides…
Drones for construction in Australia | position partners

Survey Grade Accuracy of Drones for Construction

As an everyday practise, we have seen industrial services adopt the use of drones. Whether it is to accurately survey a construction site or to inspect remote infrastructure, drones in the construction industry have become increasingly popular…
Sokkisha Wye Level

Sokkia Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

Measuring and survey instrument manufacturer (Sokkia) celebrates its 100th anniversary. The company was founded in Japan in 1920. Sokkia’s main distributor in Oceania, Position Partners, reflects on the brand’s technology journey.    Founded…
Grade control for excavators

Dial in your height and dig with 2D excavator grade control

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Contractors reap the benefits of iDig 2D excavator grade control Two New Zealand contractors share their experience with the latest 2D excavator grade control technology.Ireland Earthmovers, based in Matamata in New Zealand’s North Island,…