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Vanguard Technology

Vanguard Technology is a collection of advanced and fully-integrated technology solutions that are all found inside Topcon’s latest 226-channel Vanguard ASIC, which is capable of tracking all current and upcoming GNSS signals with superior accuracy and sensitivity. The Vanguard ASIC’s system-on-chip design provides multiple embedded cores, integrated memory, and extensive peripheral interface support that increases   board-level flexibility and reliability while reducing system complexity and size. The ASIC also supports an embedded Linux runtime environment for custom application development that further facilitates     application-specific workflows and allows for easy product customisation.


GNSS Tracking Technology

The Topcon Vanguard ASIC uses the most advanced GNSS signal tracking and processing architecture available in the market today. Measurement and positioning improvements that are made possible by the integration of GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, SBAS, Galileo, and BeiDou (BDS) signals will be available in Topcon’s precision GNSS products through updated receiver firmware and through Topcon’s Option Authorisation Files (OAFs)*.  


Universal Tracking Channel

The 226-channel Vanguard ASIC with Universal Tracking Channels is the industry’s only fully scalable tracking technology that permits each individual GNSS channel to be fully optimised. Universal Tracking Channels allow Topcon receivers to track any of the available satellite signals that are supported in modern GNSS receivers. Whether it’s a GPS, GLONASS, Galileo or BeiDou signal in any of the L1/E1/B1, L2, or L5/E5/B2 frequencies, each Universal Tracking channel can use it. Consequently, all channels can be fully leveraged to track the maximum overhead satellite constellation and ensure that ideal geometry is maintained during positioning.


Advanced Multipath Reduction (AMR) 

The innovative digital signal processing techniques applied in Topcon’s AMR technology significantly reduce multipath effects in challenging environments to provide reliable and continuous signal tracking. AMR rejects multipath on both code and carrier phase measurements to ensure precise and stable performance in all GNSS positioning modes, allowing Topcon users to stay confident even when working on the toughest job sites.


Fence Antenna® Technology

Topcon’s patented Fence Antenna®  design brings superior signal sensitivity and multipath rejection in a compact and lightweight package. These advantages are clearly demonstrated by the Fence Antenna’s performance when tracking low elevation satellites and in foliage. This technology enables stronger and cleaner signal tracking, allowing Topcon systems to deliver
consistently accurate positioning in all conditions.


Quartz Lock Loop (QLL) 

By using state-of-the-art feedback loops, Topcon’s patented Quartz Loop Lock continuously monitors system behavior to detect and to remove any fluctuations that may cause tracking problems. This allows for a clean, stable timing reference signal to be preserved even through strong acceleration, high vibration and bumps. This exclusive QLL technology allows Topcon receivers to provide uninterrupted satellite tracking and precise positioning across a wide spectrum of vibration frequencies, at intense magnitudes and in any orientation.


LongLink RTK technology provides 300+ metre short-range RTK communication from a base station to multiple rovers. LongLink offers reliable, interference-free, RTK base-rover communication. LongLink RTK technology provides superior performance in the toughest radio environments such as close to airports or city centres.


Topcon RTK 

Topcon RTK provides ubiquitous, high performance positioning in demanding work environments where centimetre-level real time positioning accuracy is required. Topcon RTK exploits all GNSS measurements to maintain accuracy even when conditions turn unfavourable around buildings, trees and other obstructions. Topcon RTK features include: reliable centimetre-level positioning, fast RTK initialisation, extended baseline length support up to 40km or more, and operation in both conventional base/rover pairs and with a wide array of RTK networks.

In addition to providing centimetre-level RTK accuracy, Topcon also offers Spectrum RTK which allows various scaled levels of RTK accuracy at an affordable price. Use Spectrum RTK to match your application accuracy requirements to your budget, without losing typical RTK advantages such as fast initialisation time and extended baseline lengths of 40km or more.




Technology for GNSS Products - Topcon Positioning Systems (2015) - Click to download in PDF Format.

UTC Technology Explained - Topcon Positioning Systems (2015) - Click to download in PDF Format.

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