Latest Topcon GNSS antenna delivers improved satellite tracking

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) has released its new PN-A5 GNSS antenna, combining the company’s TA-5 full spectrum GNSS antenna element with a newly designed semi-hemispherical convex impedance ground plane – significantly increasing its ability to track satellite signals.

According to Topcon, its unique ground plane design provides improved multipath mitigation and a significant increase in ability to track signals from satellites located near to the horizon.

Based around Topcon’s new TA-5 antenna technology, the PN-A5 provides “full wave” signal tracking for all existing and planned GNSS signals through its use of vertical dipoles for sensitive and stable signal reception, said Gavin Docherty, Position Partners GNSS Infrastructure Product Manager.

“This best-in-class geodetic antenna has an IPX7 waterproof and IP6X dustproof rating,” he said.

“It is ideally designed to meet the evolving requirements for reference network and infrastructure monitoring applications.”

Further information (Australia): Position Partners, ph 1300 TOPCON (1300 867 266), email, website

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