Latest total stations feature unique Topcon technology for faster surveying, more accuracy, greater security

Topcon Positioning Systems has released two new reflectorless total station series featuring unique new technology allowing surveying to be carried out quickly and accurately with one of the fastest electronic distance measurement (EDM) rates on the market.

The new reflectorless total station series, the ES series and the OS series, incorporate five exclusive new features designed to increase productivity, accuracy, speed of measuring and work, and security.

According to Garry MacPhail, survey manager with Position Partners, Topcon’s national distributor, both new total station series offers a range of features making them suitable not only for general surveying, but also for specialist requirements in mining, road maintenance and construction, and civil construction.

The ES series is available in 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 arc second accuracy models, while the OS series is available in 1, 2, 3, and 5 arc second accuracy models. Both series have a non-prism operating distance of 500 m, and 4000 m with a prism.

In addition, the OS series features Topcon’s new on-board MAGNET® Field application software, based around an on-board MS Windows CE6 computer.

The five exclusive features on Topcon’s new total stations are:

  • Surveying dark and/or wet surfaces at long range
  • Surveying from the pole without using radios
  • Measuring tight corners and narrow objects
  • Saving time through best-in-class EDM rate
  • Instant software/firmware updates in the field, along with remote location of a lost or stolen unit.

Surveying dark and wet surfaces at long range: Both the OS and ES series total stations can accurately measure dark objects to long distances up to 500 m away in reflectorless mode.

“This capability is ideal for anyone needing to easily measure dark surfaces, such as coal mine applications, bitumen roads, wet pavements and dark roof areas,” said MacPhail.

“Traditionally these sorts of surfaces are challenging and difficult to measure accurately, but Topcon’s new technology makes this very simple and straightforward.”

Surveying from the pole without using radios: Using Topcon’s new LongLink technology, based on Bluetooth Class 1 wireless technology, users can remain at the pole to take measurements from 300 m away without using a radio.

The total stations can also be combined with a Bluetooth-enabled data collector such as the Tesla, so users can accurately attribute points (at the curb, for example), further reducing jobsite errors.

Measuring tight corners and narrow objects: Both new total station series feature a very narrow beam that enables users to accurately measure tight corners and thin objects such as wires.

This feature also allows measuring beyond objects such as chainlink fences, saving survey and measuring time by not having to navigate the fence itself.

Time-savings through best-in-class EDM rate: Both the Topcon ES and OS Series total stations have a 0.9 second measurement time up to 500 m in reflectorless mode and 4000 m in standard mode, ensuring accurate, rapid measurements and saving time on the job.

“These total stations have the most powerful and the most accurate reflectorless EDM in their class, with the pinpoint EDM beam spot ensuring precise measurement, especially at shallow incidence angles that outdated technology simply cannot provide,” said MacPhail.

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