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Topcon FC-5000 GPS, Camera, 4G Cell

Meet your new Top Gun

Field Tablets

Good looking, tough as nails, efficient and hard working.

Topcon’s FC-5000 is a versatile and powerful field computer that is built to withstand the toughest environments. With a processing speed that you would expect in an office, the FC-5000 lets you stay connected and productive at your project site, its a must-have for your team.

  • Ultimate flexibility, powered by Windows10
  • User friendly with a large, sunlight-readable display
  • Built to last with industry leading durability rating
  • Goes the distance with a massive 15-hour battery life
  • Has all the extras to make work easy, including 4G, GNSS, LongLink Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2 cameras and 64GB of storage as standard.

FC-5000 is perfect for:

  • Land Surveying
  • Civil Engineering & Design
  • Construction Survey/Layout
  • Grade Management
  • BIM for Construction
  • Mapping
  • BIM
  • Utilities
  • Forensics
  • Forestry

The FC-5000 is now available through Position Partners. Get in quick and pick up this essential productivity tool before the end of the financial year.

Small businesses can also take advantage of the Government tax benefits for instant tax deductions. Call 1300 867 266 today and find out more!

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