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Our new phone system

Our new phone system includes state of the art call logging that means if everyone in the support team is busy when you ring, a support ticket will automatically be generated to ensure that your request is actioned and escalated as efficiently as possible. No more emails and scribbled notes and numbers copied down incorrectly!

When you place a call to your local Position Partners branch or dial 1300 867 266, the first thing you’ll notice is that instead of going straight through to our reception, you will be asked to select which department you’d like to be put through to. Don’t worry, there aren’t so many options you’ll get all the way through and forget what the first one was!

Select from the options of Technical Support, Workshop Repairs, Sales & Hire or Accounts and other departments, and your call will go through to a team of people that will answer your call and get you the right support as quickly as possible.

If everyone in the team is busy at the time of the call, the important thing is to leave us a message so that we can ask the most appropriate person in the team to call you back as soon as possible.

We hope you find our new system effective. As with any new technology, we are constantly refining it to make the process as good as can be, so if you have any feedback for us, please drop us a line  or let us know over the phone when you call.

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