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Topcon LPS Release

Precision excavations in every environment

2016 will see the release of Topcon’s new total station machine control solution for excavators. This revolutionary technology will enable high precision machine control in all environments, including areas where GPS positioning is unavailable such as tunnels, under bridges and inside buildings.

Using a robotic total station and a prism mounted on the machine mast, Topcon’s LPS (Local Positioning System) solution for excavators utilises the all-new MC-i4 next generation GNSS receiver, GX-55 control box and TS-i3 slope sensors to deliver fast, reliable grade information to the operator.

The new solution maintains an accurate position for several minutes even when the total station loses lock with the prism due to an obstacle. This world-first technology utilises an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensor on the machine to maintain position.

Customers already using Topcon LPS for fine grading applications will be able to utilise the same total station for their excavators, giving increased flexibility across multiple machines and diverse applications.

“This new excavator system opens the door to an even wider range of projects where customers can save time and reduce costs with 3D machine control,” said Joel Seddon, Position Partners Product Manager for Machine Systems.

“Topcon’s dual GPS solution for excavators has long been the market leader in Australia and this new system completes the picture for environments where GPS isn’t available,” he added.

The new solution will be available for purchase or hire from Position Partners. For more information call 1300 867 266.

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