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Top 7 features and benefits of Topcon GT Total Stations

Smaller, faster, lighter: With the Topcon GT-1200/GT-600, you get the efficiency of a single-operator robotic system, the power of long-range reflectorless measurements, and the versatility of Hybrid Positioning!

“It’s doing everything we need it to and doing it efficiently. It’s certainly saving me time in the field and making life easier for me,” Luke Considine, Senior Surveyor, Connelly & Associates Surveyors.

Ideal for survey, vertical construction or machine guidance, the solution is designed to stake or layout more points in less time even in challenging conditions.

“It’s considerably faster than anything else I’ve used, especially when changing faces, when it takes a second or two at most and locks straight back on,” said Jacob Chenery, Engineering Surveyor, Rokon,

“Some people don’t think speed is a big deal, but a few seconds here and there add up to minutes off your day and means if you’re under pressure the instrument can keep up.”

Topcon GT 600 , Topcon GT 1200 total stations

This robotic total station provides superior performance and precision for all survey and construction applications, with a range of features and benefits including:

1)  Improved, intelligent Ultrasonic motor control provides smoother operation with less wear and tear.

2) Improved, UltraTrac™ prism tracking for challenging job site environments utilises optical sensing combined with high-speed Ultrasonic motor control. “The speed of the GT robotic is quite something, its performance is dramatically improved compared with the older technology and it very rarely loses lock with the prism,” said Andrew Corfield, All Points Surveys.

3) 10 Hz update rates for faster more efficient staking

4) 180° turn in a single second, making turning to a point faster for exceptional productivity.

5) 30% smaller and lighter than any other Topcon series robotic instrument

6) Fast and powerful EDM with 1,000m non-prism and 5,000m prism range.

7) The service and support provided by Australian distributor, Position Partners. “Aside from the equipment itself, we find the service and support from our local Position Partners team to be excellent. Our field technician is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and the Dandenong service team always goes the extra mile when it comes to services, repairs, calibrations and so on,” said Jacob Chenery, Engineering Surveyor, Rokon,

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