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Topcon introduces Elite Survey Suite – Speed, ease-of-use and integration key to design

Topcon Positioning Group announces a new suite featuring four integrated solutions — three hardware products “fused” by a single software solution — designed to provide professionals with a powerful and complete survey system. The Topcon Elite Survey Suite — which includes the new GT series of robotic total stations, HiPer HR hybrid GNSS receiver, FC-5000 field computer and MAGNET® 4.0 software system — provides Topcon flagship geo-positioning products and technology in one system.

“The individual products of the Elite Survey Suite were designed from the ground up to work together seamlessly through one software solution,” explained Cameron Waters, Geospatial National Product Manager for Topcon’s Australian distributor, Position Partners.

“The suite derives its power from the fastest robotic motor total station technology in the market, the smallest and lightest GNSS rover in the industry, the latest advances in field computing and the pinnacle of software capabilities,” he said.

Topcon GT Series Robotic


The Topcon Ultrasonic Direct Drive motors available within the new GT series total station have a turning speed of up to 180 degrees per second. “It’s the fastest robot on the market. The advanced UltraTrac Technology engine efficiently and dramatically increases power for prism tracking,” Mr Waters added. “The total station is thirty percent smaller and thirty percent lighter yet still provides the highest levels of accuracy and performance.

Topcon HiPer HR GNSS

Topcon GNSS Receiver Hiper VR

“Built on the foundation of Australia’s favourite GPS, the HiPer series of receivers, the new HiPer HR is the world’s smallest and lightest GNSS receiver. It is capable of tracking all constellations, all satellites, and all signals – available today and tomorrow.”

TILTTM (Topcon Integrated Levelling Technology) is an all-new GNSS technology augmentation that is integrated in the HiPer HR. TILT uses a 6-axis IMU (inertial measurement unit) and a 3-axis digital compass that together offer advanced corrections for mis-levelled measurements with a 9-axis MEMS (micro electromechanical systems).

“This advanced technology allows users to quickly and confidently take field measurements even in scenarios where getting the receiver into an exact vertical setup is difficult or even impossible,” Cameron said.

Topcon FC-5000 Survey Tablet

Topcon FC-6000 Field Tablet

The third hardware solution in the suite is the FC-5000 field computer with 15 hours battery life, two built-in cameras and a 7-inch sunlight-readable display. “This high performance survey tablet has been built with the surveyor front of mind and offers every possible feature to improve productivity, features that aren’t available in today’s consumer products,” Mr Waters said. “Plus the FC-5000 has the industry’s highest level of environmental rating, which means it will work in any condition you need it to.”

MAGNET Version 4.0

Driving the productivity and power of these devices is the MAGNET software suite, Mr Waters explained. MAGNET 4.0 provides software support for the hardware through MAGNET Field, MAGNET Office and a significant update to MAGNET Enterprise web service. MAGNET 4.0 also offers a new level of direct communication with other systems, such as Bentley’s ProjectWise collaboration and content management system. “MAGNET also continues to provide seamless integration capabilities with Autodesk software products, such as Autodesk Point Layout, proving MAGNET to be a compatibility resource for various systems,” he said.

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