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3D Laser Scanner | Topcon GLS 2000

Topcon introduces new 3D Scanners

Topcon Positioning Group announces the release of three new models to the GLS-2000 Series of 3D laser scanners — the GLS-2000S, GLS-2000M and the GLS-2000L.  The scanners are designed to capture data based on the measurement range needs of specific applications.

“These new GLS-2000 scanners offer purposeful solutions and versatility that comes from the multiple measurement modes with each model,” said Charles Rihner, vice president for the Topcon GeoPositioning Solutions Group. “The S model is optimized for short-range applications, while the M and L models are perfect for medium and long-range measurement fields, respectively.”

Using Topcon Precise Scan Technology II, the GLS-2000 models are designed to emit pulse signals three times faster than earlier GLS systems. “Using faster pulse signals enables timing to be detected more precisely, which results in reduced noise and higher-accuracy data,” said Rihner.

Additionally, the systems feature dual 5MP cameras, including one with a 170-degree wide-angle lens for high-speed imaging, as well as an 8.9-degree telephoto camera that is coaxial with the measuring axis.

When paired with Topcon ScanMaster software, the models provide complete systems for capturing and processing 3D point cloud data.

Heath Low, Scanning Systems Product Manager for Topcon’s Australian distributor Position Partners, said the new range offers customers more choice when it comes to high-precision 3D scanning applications.

“Topcon’s GLS-2000 range is ideal for long- to mid-range scanning applications and its rugged design makes it well suited to outdoor environments.”

“Topcon’s advanced signal processing and multiple lens array system makes the GLS-2000 series highly accurate and the option of a short, medium or long range scanner gives customers more choice to select a laser scanner that’s best suited to their application,” he added.

For more information about the Topcon GLS-2000 Series, contact your local Position Partners branch.

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