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Topcon is committed to exceeding customer expectations by delivering high quality, reliable optical instruments

Topcon Production Facility


Topcon’s optical instruments are designed to be used in harsh environments, such as at construction sites, and offer a high level of quality and reliability. Topcon aims to always improve upon the quality of its instruments by focussing on improving its processes in design, development, manufacturing, sales and service.  Topcon’s mission is to provide a high level of quality and commitment to their customers by fulfilling the specifications to meet the customers needs at all times.

This focus on quality ensures that Topcon only supplies products of the highest reliability.

To support the continual improvement of its world-class quality instruments Topcon Corporation opened a new highly advanced technology factory in 2017 on the grounds of Topcon Yamagata, as a manufacturing base for its surveying instruments.

Gavin Schrock, PLS, land surveyor, technology writer, and xyHt editor, visited the new production facility on the grounds of Topcon Yamagata for Topcon and Sokkia optical surveying instruments and found that the facility boasted high-tech manufacturing and finely honed production processes.

“This is the newest of the surveying instrument factories I have visited in recent years and I expected the latest in tools and equipment,” said Gavin Schrock Gavin Schrock, PLS, land surveyor, technology writer, and xyHt editor in his article on xyHt.

“But in terms of high-tech manufacturing and finely-honed production processes what I saw inside during the tour was nothing short of astounding.”

To find out more, read the article on xyHt:

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