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Topcon have released version 3.0.1,  the new software has been tested for basic functionality and installed on common devices.  All installations and functions have worked as expected.

New Features included in v3.0.1

New features: 
  • Redesigned installation for both PC and mobile platforms
  • Enhanced online help installed with TRU software
  • Support for new GX-55 controller
  • Support for Panasonic Toughpads
  • Improved Options dialog presentation

Support for Topcon new reference station receiver “NET-G5” with: 

  • Configuration for onboard RINEX conversion
  • Extended data logging to support 8 concurrent sessions
  • Additional storage location options for file download

Redesigned Receiver Setting page:

  • Tracking & Positioning dialog now contains all Antenna, Observation, Positioning, RTK, and Auto Seed settings
  • Satellite dialog now contains all settings for enabling/disabling constellations, signals, frequencies, and SV options
  • Network dialog now contains all settings related to Ethernet, WLAN, TCP, FTP
  • Redesigned dialog for receiver ports with user friendly names for ports

User friendly firmware loading wizard:

  • Includes new support for loading MC controller board FW for MC-R3

Sky plot improvements:

  • Ability to turn on and off constellations
  • Ability to turn on and off display of orbits
  • New missing planning mode

Network settings updates:

  • DHCP settings now available
  • New FTP Server credential and FTP Client configuration support

Additional signals and frequencies supported in tracking configuration and status display for:

  • QZSS L1C, L5 and SAIF signals
  • Galileo E5 a/b, E5 AltBOC, and E6 signals
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