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Topcon releases QS series of robotic total stations

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) has recently launched its new generation of robotic total stations, the QS Series (Quick Station) – and its accompanying RC-4 QuickLock rover device – offering significant productivity and accuracy benefits to end users.

Topcon’s QS Series – featuring its X-TRAC 8 prism tracking technology – is designed to “provide unprecedented power and speed to dramatically enhance productivity and save time and money on every job,” according to Denny Welch, senior vice president of TPS’s survey business unit. 

“The QS Series can be summed up in four words: Faster. Smarter. Further. Stronger,” he said.  

“With our new X-TRAC 8 technology, strong tracking and quick prism re-acquisition in any work site condition is assured.  “Our QS total stations incorporate the latest design and technology, providing increased performance in even the most obstructed sites.

“We are also leading the industry with our long-range power, using our 2000 m reflectorless EDM technology.”

Welch said the X-TRAC 8 technology incorporated in both the QS total station and the accompanying RC-4 QuickLock rover device dramatically increased power for prism tracking.  

“Employing entirely new optics, laser system, and further advanced algorithms, X-TRAC 8 provides the QS instruments with an unsurpassed ability to keep tracking a moving prism no matter the job site obstacles,” he said. 

Topcon’s new RC-4 remote system is a compact QuickLock remote system which integrates an array of advanced technologies  to dramatically increase productivity on all survey projects, has been specifically designed for use with the QS total station, Welch said.  

“The RC-4 uses dual lasers, a built-in spread spectrum radio and Topcon’s QuickLock technology to create on-the-job efficiencies from stakeout to topo and from construction layout to as-built surveys.

The RC-4 remote has dual laser emitters, which significantly expand remote control coverage to speed up prism search and lock operations. 

A built-in spread spectrum radio provides a convenient data link between the QS and the field controller, eliminating the need for an external radio system or integrated controller system.  

“These core technologies make the QS not only the most dependable tool for surveying and stakeout, but also has the industry’s most advanced sensor for highly productive, precision machine control systems,” he said.

“In addition, the QS is built to withstand the most adverse working conditions and the toughest job site locations.”

Topcon has further enhanced the EDM processing engine in the QS to dramatically reduce measurement time for hard-to-measure objects such as wet road surfaces or manholes, dark coloured slopes or rocks. 

Other accessories for the QS system include Topcon Tools and TopSURV software.

In combination with its 2000 m super-long-range non-prism capability, the Topcon QS total statin provides ultimate power in distance measurements to ensure maximum productivity, said Welch.

Completely cable-free, the QS comes one-, three- and five-second accuracy options, and has a full-color, graphical Windows® CED interface.

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