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Page 2:    No strings attached —  Millimeter GPS for GPS-based curbing
Page 4:    Topcon’s Ray O’Connor Q and A — The digital job site
Page 6:    Milling on the outer limits — Millimeter GPS used on Aleutian Islands
Page 8:    ConExpo 2011 —  Complete digital job site
Page 14:  New products — Machine control and survey technology
Page 16:  Taking flight on runway — 3D-MC2 at Akron Canton airport
Page 18:  GPS served on the rocks — X63 excavator control for waterfront project
Page 20:  Exercise in self-sufficiency — 3D machine control at Sandy High
Page 21:  Smooth operator — Paver System 5 on racetrack
Page 22:  Dmapas launches IP-S2 — Mobile mapping system in South America
Page 23:  3D-MC grader helps firm accept changes in stride — 3D machine control for Reno highway

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