Position Partners discusses the Z+F 5006EX at Intergeo 2019

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Paul Malatzky, Scanning Market Development Manager. Position Partners discusses the release of the Z+F 5006EX at Intergeo 2019
3d laser scanner , z+f Imager 5016

Z+F Imager 5016 3D Laser Scanner

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Introducing Z+F's newest model - the 5016 is smaller and lighter, with unparalleled accuracy and reliability for all your indoor and outdoor scanning needs. The Blue Workflow enables live, on-site registration of your data to save time and increase…

Topcon GLS-2000 Scanning in Building Facilities

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Preliminary inspection is an indispensable component of building renovation or relocation of factory equipment. The GLS-2000 quickly measures and collects precise 3D point clouds without interrupting ongoing operations. High-density 3D point…

Topcon GLS-2000 Scanning in Tunnels

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Deformation monitoring of tunnel walls is an important safety procedure to prevent collapse during construction and while in operation. The GLS-2000 captures 3D data of tunnel surfaces quickly and efficiently. Even with the most complex surfaces,…

EdgeWise Building Interior Model

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This video explains how EdgeWise software from ClearEdge 3D quickly produces 3D models of interior building surfaces from laser scanner equipment.