HOW TO: Export Photo Notes in MAGNET Survey 4.x

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This video focuses on Magnet Field and how the user can extract their photos taken in the field and get a usable image file from it.

Viasys VDC Software

Viasys VDC is your one-stop solution for unleashing the full potential on Virtual Design and Construction. Viasys VDC provides you with tools for better communication and coordination, resulting in more productive infrastructure projects.

MAGNET Enterprise Data Manager Feature Updates

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Topcon’s MAGNET Enterprise web service is the modern solution for geospatial projects. And now a project manager’s day just got a bit easier through options to organize and manage multiple projects. Create and reference project templates,…

Edge Wise 5.0

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Watch this short video that provides an overview of Edge Wise capabilities.

Autodesk BIM 360 Layout with Topcon LN-100, the Evolution of Construction

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See how the new Autodesk BIM 360 Layout app is easily paired with a rugged Topcon LN-100 instrument to instantly link construction project sites via a secure cloud connection. Improve measurement accuracies after simply setting up the Topcon…

Topcon GLS-2000 Scanning in Building Facilities

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Preliminary inspection is an indispensable component of building renovation or relocation of factory equipment. The GLS-2000 quickly measures and collects precise 3D point clouds without interrupting ongoing operations. High-density 3D point…