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Andrew Blake, owner of Houlmann Blake Excavations has avoided the regular challenges he encounters on site by implementing the iDig 2D machine control system from Position Partners. Watch this video to find out more.

The Topcon diverse offering of earthworks solutions from Position Partners provides unparalleled speed and productivity gains for nearly every application at the job site.

Jonathan, Field Service Technician from Position Partners explains how the Topcon 3D-MCMAX mastless 3D dozer control system can increase safety and productivity on site.

Position Partners is pleased to announce two exciting solutions to take your excavator to new levels of safety and productivity. The SensorSafe system allows you to restrict the machine slew and height to a safe working range, while the Topcon X-53i 3D machine control system gets you to grade quickly and efficiently.

Never get out of the cab to check a grade again. Drill all your Auger holes dead straight and to depth. Cut those batters at the perfect angle. Guarantee that trench has a perfect 2-degree fall. Smash out those rib-rafts in record time!

Morgan’s Earthworks are experience GPS machine control users. In this interview, Shane Kelly outlines why they opt for Topcon’s unique mmGPS solution for certain applications.

Position Partners is the distributor for iDig in Australia and New Zealand, providing a simple and effective way to get to grade without the need for a grade checker or a surveyor. Take your benchmark into the cab and control depth, slope and distance with this cost effective 2D machine control solution

Watch this short overview that outlines some of the features and benefits of the RDS Loadmaster range of loader and excavator machine scales

Enhance your Productivity with RDS Technology data management and connectivity solutions.

Overview video of Topcon's Smoothride Solutions

Aerial footage taken with the DJI Matrice 100 at a Komatsu Dig Day, showing RDS Loadmaster Alpha100 on board weighing technology on a Komatsu wheel loader

Topcon’s new “mastless” dozer system is fully integrated solution that can be applied to the majority of your existing fleet, regardless of the manufacturer. By removing the masts from the blade of the dozer and adding them to the roof not only improves visibility, but also eliminates the time-consuming task of mounting and removing the masts on a daily basis. Dual IMU’s, a more responsive touch screen control box, and the MC-R3 receiver all work in combination to produce the fastest and most accurate dozer system on the market.

The RDS LOADMASTER ALPHA 100 is an all-new CAN based on-board weighing system setting a benchmark for the industry combining cutting edge sensor technology and signal processing techniques providing precise and consistent weight information.


Contractor with Cat machines compares Topcon 3DMC squared system against current Accugrade/Trimble system from Caterpillar. See head to head comparisons on several different parts of active jobsite and learn which system the customer choose for his fleet of machines. See how each performs in real time on a real job with real results

The new Weighlog Alpha 10 from RDS Technology. Incorporating the latest colour touch screen technology, this on-board weighing system is designed for all types of agricultural loader.

Australia’s largest-yet application of the latest site management telematics systems, combined with Topcon GPS-based precision machine guidance, has been setting new safety and productivity standards in a major upgrade to a key water supply reservoir for Melbourne’s western and northwestern suburbs.

A short video on the capabilities of Carlson Landfill Grade.

Statewide Kerbing ran a breakfast demonstration to showcase the company's new Topcon mmGPS solution fitted to a Power Curber machine, along with its own volumetric trucks to eliminate concrete supply issues.

David Kais from WA-based Kais Contracting explains why he chooses Topcon machine control across his fleet of Caterpillar graders.

Visit several job sites and hear how different companies have improved their productivity with Topcon's X-63 Excavating System.

Topcon dual antenna with mc2 on Cat 140M Motor Grader. Topcon dealer:Branco Machinery Gilbert, AZ Customer: Hank George with AZ Grademaker Hank recently switched to Topcon after using Trimble his whole career Jobsite: Magma Dam Florence, AZ Application: Steep Slopes

Bob Paddison from Turf Drain explains how Topcon and Position Partners have delivered the right solution to meet the resurfacing challenges of the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Sydney-based Megex Civil specialises in large factory builds, roadworks and pipeline work. Owner Warren Megarry talks about the time savings and improved workflow since they introduced Topcon LPS machine control to their business.

Dave Matthews from Divalls Earthmoving explains how clients are amazed at the speed with which they complete work thanks to Topcon machine control. By only moving the dirt they need to, they save time and reduce their environmental footprint in the process.

Carlson develops 3D positioning solutions for dozers, compactors, shovels, excavators, bucket wheel excavators, loaders, haul trucks and graders as well as site management tools for grade checking and surveying. These machines or "rover assets" can be monitored and managed with an office package called Fleet Manager Office. Data flows bidirectionally offer powerful production tools including reports, historical playback, instant message, etc. For more information, email or visit

Application video for Carlson Software's Drill Grade, a 3D Drilling system addressing many crawler and vertical drill applications. as well as LoDrills. For more information, please visit

Customer JK Williams is the first company in Australia to fit their GOMACO Commander III paving machine with Topcon mmGPS technology. In this video, operator Tim Lyle discusses how its helping them get better, faster results.

Position Partners customer says no graders or excavators were required to complete a landfill cell when you use Topcon machine control!

3Di-GPS+ is a low cost indicate-only system ideal for bulk earthmoving machines such as dozers, scrapers and compactors. Instead of traditional load counts or guessing at grades, with 3Di, you have control over all your jobs, insuring you move the material to the right place the first time.

Millimetre GPS on graders and rovers, 3D machine control systems and excavator indicate systems makes life easier for NSW road building and civil construction contractor Coastwide Civil

For road building, site work, contour grading, or any other complex surface grading requirements, Topcon's 3D GPS+ will increase money to your bottom line -- where it counts. With the reality of nearly eliminating grade stakes, providing unmatched material control capability, and the simplest user interface in the industry, you are sure to integrate Topcon 3D technology successfully into your business.

An explanation of how a digital site plan works.

Caterpillar's new M Series graders and T Series dozers are Topcon-ready, with quick and easy installation. We talk to customers and Position Partners service personnel about just how easy the process is, and how effective Topcon 3D Machine Control is with the new generation Cat machines.

An explanation of how millimetre GPS works. Millimeter GPS+ transforms GPS into the perfect tool for blue-topping and other fine tolerance work.

An introduction to Topcon excavation systems.

Glenn Fordham from TRN Group (NSW) talks about upgrading his systems from 2D to 3D machine control.

Vince Flemming from Flemming Golf talks about how Position Partners has supported the growing needs of his business for more than 20 years

Greg Bachmann from Bachmann Plant Hire talks about the productivity gains since introducing Topcon 3D-MC2 machine control in his business.

Clay Badenoch from Baden Civil explains why he made the right decision upgrading from a competitor's products to Topcon machine control solutions.

Topcon Millimetre GPS and Hyperlite Rovers give dramatic increase in productivity for MacMahon Civil Construction on Perth Freeway project.

Product video for newly released 3D-MC2 for graders

Topcon X-63 Excavator Indicate System fitted on Kobelco SK350 doubles productivity for Melbourne owner-operator Noel Power.

3D-MC2 will drastically change the role your dozer plays on a typical site, in some cases eliminating the need for a grader. It will also allow you to make more efficient use of your dozer. Along with speed increases, 3D-MC2 means fewer passes resulting in much more work done in less time. Less time equals less fuel and less machine wear. Most importantly, it means your dozer can spend more time making you money in another location or on other jobs.

Travis Horsburgh explains how Topcon 3D-MC2 machine control is saving time and giving grade finish on his jobs

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