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Efficient data workflow is the key to successful construction work. This means managing huge amounts of information concerning resources, scheduling and risk management. Within MAGNET Office, data moves easily and safely between phases without valuable information getting lost on the way.

1. MAGNET helps you communicate with the field and collect survey data from multiple sources to accurately describe reality.
2. It combines many points of data into one 3D model that allows you to manipulate the data and create designs, visualize them, conduct value based clash-detection and share information with all project stakeholders.
3. You can validate your combined 3D models and create flawless constructible models for machine control.
4. MAGNET offers reliable information for creating bids and provides you with tools to create accurate quantity take-offs from the model.
5. MAGNET puts you in control of what, when and where, so you can use it to optimize mass hauls and location based project scheduling.

MAGNET Office provides tools for any size civil construction project and improves efficiency whether your company is small, midsize or large. Succeed in construction, get your work connected with MAGNET.

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