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Introducing Z+F's newest model - the 5016 is smaller and lighter, with unparalleled accuracy and reliability for all your indoor and outdoor scanning needs. The Blue Workflow enables live, on-site registration of your data to save time and increase productivity like never before!

This video shows the various features in ClearEdge3D's popular EdgeWise software. The 6 minute video looks at the pipe, structure, duct, ground, and architectural as well as the EdgeWise 5.0's intelligent export to Revit, PDMS, Plant3D, PCF, AutoCAD and more.

Geomagic Design delivers comprehensive and robust mechanical CAD design solutions, allowing ideas to go from concept through to manufacturing and production for professional engineers, makers, students, consumers and hobbyists.

Reverse engineering training courses fora wide range of industries Joystick reverse engineering example: Mesh cleaning, 3D Mesh Sketch, Boundary fit, Mesh fit from regions Get in touch with us: +44 (0) 1474 550 934 -

COMPACT, HIGH DENSITY 3D MOBILE MAPPING SYSTEM The IP-S3 mobile mapping system offers high density, high precision, point clouds combined with high resolution panoramas from a system that is smaller, lighter and easier to handle. IP-S3's positioning system is an integration of an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), GNSS receiver (GPS and GLONASS) and a vehicle odometer. It provides precise positioning and attitude in a dynamic environment. The rotating LiDAR sensor captures the environment with a rate of 700,000 pulses per second. During each rotation, the 32 internal lasers cover the full 360 degrees around the system, each from a slightly different viewing angle. This minimizes gaps in the point cloud which arise from obstacles or dead-angles and removes the need to install multiple scanners. IP-S3’s six-lens digital camera system provides 360 degree high resolution spherical images that allow for easy feature recognition. Mobile Master Office software handles all post processing trajectories and geo-referencing scans and images. Integrated turnkey solution Ultra compact design Multiple lasers minimize scanning shades Unparalleled ease of use Factory calibrated Full integration of cloud and images SPEED UP MAPPING WORKFLOWS Topcon mobile mapping systems are the perfect solution when a massive amount of asset data needs to be collected in a short amount of time. By mounting a mapping system with various integrated sensors (GNSS, laser scanner, camera, IMU, wheel encoders) to a vehicle, users get all field data quickly. Just drive at normal speeds and get locations and visual detail of all roadside features. There is no need to take time to revisit the field for missing points. Easy to use office software can then be used for viewing, processing, projecting and exporting data for GIS or CAD software.

SIRIUS pro Surveying UAS The SIRIUS pro UAS is ideal for mapping and surveying applications. Obtain Orthophotos and DEMs with the highest accuracy (2-5 cm) with the SIRIUS pro UAV. It is a lightweight, durable fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Designed to be used by anyone, with or without experience flying UAVs, the SIRIUS system comes complete with desktop flight planning software and an easy take-off and landing setup. SIRISU pro is available with internal or external RTK base station.

Watch this short video that provides an overview of Edge Wise capabilities.

As-Built BIM has become an essential tool in modern urban development as cities seek to maintain historic building facades and footprints. However, documenting the existing geometry of the walls, windows, MEP systems and other critical elements of a redevelopment project presents a set of unique challenges and competing interests. This insightful session will highlight two recent mixed-used redevelopment projects, in in Los Angeles and Puerto Rico that utilized the latest hardware and software technologies to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. These case studies, one a defunct corporate headquarters and the other a decades-old parking garage, will show you practical tips and workflow tools that you can implement on your very next as-built BIM project. Specifically you will learn: 1. How public/private urban renewal jobs can differ from regular scanning/modeling projects 2. How design/build firms are using BIM throughout their as-built project lifecycle 3. How you can implement these time-saving best practices in your field-to-finish workflow 4. New software tools such as EdgeWise 5.0 to speed back office data processing and modeling Join BIM experts Les Carter, Project Manager at Cannon Corporation, Angel Vazquez, President of Sustech, LLC and Kevin Williams, CTO of ClearEdge3D on this instructive and actionable webinar.

Redundant UAS / UAV / drone flight control made in Germany. /// AscTec Trinity: Advantages of the new drone / UAV autopilot: Learn more: Triple redundant inertial measurement unit (IMU) for performance, precision & safety. - Triple for processing performance: Three redundant IMUs ensure quick and reliable data fusion. - Triple for precision: Three IMUs will permanently verify and precisely control drone / UAV position, altitude and orientation. - Triple for safety: Three IMUs synchronize all sensing data and would identify, signal and compensate in case of trouble. Adaptive flight control & redundant drone / UAV propulsion system. - Your drone / UAV will stay up in the air as long as the laws of physics allow it! - Even some motor failures or propulsion loss would be compensated from the autopilot AscTec Trinity. - Automatic adjustment of the centre of gravity in case of shift by battery, payload or lens exchange. More efficiency & comfort in every single phase of your drone / UAV flight. - No waiting, but prompt starting after switching on. - More efficiency due to powerful dynamic in any single move: Faster takeoff, rising, flying, descending and landing possible. - Trajectory flights per drone / UAV: The AscTec Falcon 8 is able to perform exactly* reproducible 3D flights at up to 10 m/s flight speed. Means area output like no other multicopter. - Rapid and exact compass calibration in drone / UAV flight. - New USB interface for comfortable firmware and update installation to the AscTec Falcon 8. - Quick data transfer like (geo data, camera orientation, flight path, imaging etc.) for processing via USB. *Within GPS accuracy /// AscTec Trinity: Die Vorteile des neuen UAV-Autopiloten: Mehr erfahren: Dreifach redundante inertiale Messeinheit (IMU) für Leistung, Präzision und Sicherheit - 3 für Leistung: Drei IMUs garantieren eine zuverlässige und schnelle Sensordatenverarbeitung. - 3 für Präzision: Drei IMUs ermitteln permanent die genaue Position, Lage und Orientierung des UAV / der Drohne. - 3 für Sicherheit: Drei IMUs gleichen alle Sensordaten ab und würden eine Störung sofort identifizieren, signalisieren und kompensieren. Adaptive Regelung & Redundanz im Antriebssystem der Drohne / des UAV - Ihre Drohne / UAV wird sich für Sie in der Luft halten, solange es physikalisch möglich ist! - Selbst mehrere gestoppte Motoren oder fehlende Propeller kompensiert der AscTec Trinity sofort. - Eine Verschiebung des Schwerpunkts beispielsweise durch Akku-, Nutzlast- oder Objektiv-Wechsel wird automatisch ausgeglichen. Mehr Effizienz & Komfort in jeder einzelnen Phase eines Drohnen- / UAV-- Keine Wartezeit nach dem Anschalten. - Mehr Effizienz durch höhere Dynamik jedes Manövers: Schnelleres Starten, Steigen, Befliegen, Sinken und Landen möglich. - Trajektorienflug per Drohne / UAV: Der AscTec Falcon 8 kann 3D-Flüge bei bis zu 10 m/s exakt* reproduzieren. Damit werden Luftvermessungen effizient wie mit keinem anderen Multicopter. - Super-schnelle und hochpräzise Drohnen- / UAV-Kompasskalibrierung im Flug. - Neue USB-Schnittstelle für einfache und schnelle Firmware-Updates am AscTec Falcon 8. - Leichterer Datentransfer (Geodaten, Kameraorientierung, Flugpfad etc.) via USB-Stick. *Innerhalb der GPS-Genauigkeit

Hand-held scanners are rapidly gaining popularity for reality-capture, and indeed offer substantial advantages over terrestrial scanners. But what happens when you combine a robust hand-held like the Dot Product DPI-7 with the automated modeling technology and Revit integration of EdgeWise? A substantially faster and much less expensive workflow, of course! But how much faster? How much more efficient is this workflow? Find out on this practical, real-world webinar! For the first time ever, Workflow 4.0 will showcase a revolutionary new workflow that combines the easy collection of the Dot Product hand-held scanner with the automated modeling power of EdgeWise. We’ll highlight a recent project that used only a hand-held in the field and EdgeWise in the back office with stunning results. Here’s what you’ll learn: • The types of projects which are ideal for a hand-held scanners • Practical hand-held collection tips to ensure fast and accurate field work • How Dot Product and ClearEdge3D have integrated their software to offer users a seamless workflow from scan to Revit • The potential savings this inexpensive and fast workflow could deliver on your next project

Large BIM projects create a whole new set of challenges for AEC firms. From more complex field collection to managing massive data sets, Big BIM can stretch and stress even the most well-managed project team. The sheer scale of Big BIM means that any problems, if not corrected early, can compound and place the entire project at risk. No doubt Big BIM provides big opportunities - but perhaps even bigger risk. This webinar will focus on the unique challenges of very large as-built BIM projects (multi-structure over a large area), highlighting two experienced AEC firms and how they plan and execute massive as-built BIMs. These never-before seen case studies will show you: • They key differences between project planning for Big BIM vs. regular BIM—learn how to reduce risk in your largest BIM projects • Field collection strategies to ensure the fastest, most efficient site work—discover how to minimize field time and maximize collection efficiency • Strategies for managing massive terabyte-sized datasets • Advanced modeling techniques and team workflows for maximum back-office efficiency • New technologies and software to extract and model Big BIM quickly and accurately—upcoming releases from EdgeWise and others • And much more! Join Siavash Mohseni, Lead VDC Engineer at Hensel Phelps, Phil Tapp, Project Manager,, Bury Associates, and Alex Demogines of ClearEdge3D (formerly with FARO) on this unique and informative webinar.

In this demonstration, we’ll take a look at the new features in EdgeWise that extract properly specified steel and concrete. The technology compares a pattern against the point cloud at regular intervals. EdgeWise is actually fitting it to the point cloud so you can see if the job is done well.

Preliminary inspection is an indispensable component of building renovation or relocation of factory equipment. The GLS-2000 quickly measures and collects precise 3D point clouds without interrupting ongoing operations. High-density 3D point clouds can be widely utilized for generating as-built drawings and simulation of piping or equipment installation. The GLS-2000 can be safely operated even in areas where laser emission power is restricted; simply by choosing the "Low Power" (Class 1M) measurement mode.

Deformation monitoring of tunnel walls is an important safety procedure to prevent collapse during construction and while in operation. The GLS-2000 captures 3D data of tunnel surfaces quickly and efficiently. Even with the most complex surfaces, such as those along curves or at junction points, profiles can be modeled without difficulty.

This video tutorial shows how to create a shoreline from a CAD or GIS feature (polygon or polyline) in a few steps. For more information, please refer to the manual:

This tutorial shows the steps involved to generate a reference matrix or DTM from a GIS or CAD file which contains lines or vertices with elevation or depth information. The matrix generated from this file can be compared to matrices generated from soundings to calculate dredging volumes. For more info, please refer to

Video tutorial on how to generate depth (or elevation) contours from sounding(s) and shoreline(s).

Most advanced professional civil multicopter for industrial inspection, surveying and aerial imaging in general. The patented Octocopter AscTec Falcon 8 with AscTec Trinity is triple redundant and enables adaptive flight control. Fortschrittlichste Multirotortechnologie zur professionellen, zivilen Nutzung: Industrieinspektion, Vermessung von Flächen und Objekten, Thermalinspektion, Monitoring und jegliche Aufnahmen aus der Luft. Der patentierte Oktokopter ist mit AscTec Trinity 3-fach redundant und ermöglicht eine adaptive Steuerung. /// Key features: • Made in Germany. Innovated and manufactured in Germany: We develop and produce hardware and software in-house. • Maximum performance & safety. The redundant propulsion system is very robust and provides stable flight experiences. • Minimum of weight & size. Very precise control. Agility and flexibility even at high speeds. • Transportable fully assembled and ready-to-fly. To support your mobility and efficiency in daily use. • Low noise, emission-free and eco-friendly. The optimized engines work with 100 Watt each motor only. • Great reliability: The AscTec Falcon 8 – successful in many demanding challenges. /// Kerneigenschaften. • Made in Germany. Innovation und Handwerk aus Deutschland: Wir entwickeln und produzieren 100-prozentig im eigenen Haus – Hardware und Software. • Maximale Leistung & Sicherheit. Das redundante Propellersystem ist äußerst robust und garantiert Ihnen die Stabilität in der Luft. • Minimales Gewicht & Größe. Äußerste Präzision in der Steuerbarkeit. Flexibilität auch bei hoher Geschwindigkeit. • Im Ganzen transportfähig und allzeit bereit. Für Ihre Mobilität und Effizienz beim täglichen Einsatz. • Geräuscharm, emissionsfrei & umweltfreundlich. Das leistungsoptimierte Antriebssystem arbeitet mit nur 100 Watt je Motor. • Großartige Verlässlichkeit: Der AscTec Falcon 8 wurde vielfach getestet und hat sich bereits in größten Herausforderungen bewährt. Sound credits: Blind Vendetta - Dawn of Terminus ( /// Tryad - Lovely ( (

Facilities management made easy using a combination of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and 3D laser scanning

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

This robust and easy to operate UAV copter is ideal for detailed inspection work, 3D documentation of construction and mining and deformation monitoring.

3D reconstruction software automatically builds textured 3D models using digital photos of the scene. Allows for precise textured mesh models reconstruction. Professional edition - for authoring professional GIS 3D content. Standard edition - for 3D designers and for 3D content authoring for presentation purposes.

An introductory overview of Topcon's Imagemaster Pro uploaded by TerraDat UK - authorised dealers

Terralink's new StreetCam3D vehicle is capable of capturing over 1.3 million points of location data every second, driving at normal road speeds. When this high density LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology is combined with 360° imagery, the result is breathtaking - a realistic, highly accurate and measurable 3D model of the street environment. StreetCam 3D is a truly revolutionary solution for the cost effective, high-speed capture of 3D data and dynamic imaging for the following applications; environmental monitoring and planning, road infrastructure management, emergency planning and response, utilities and telecommunications asset management, surveying and engineering field capture and planning, civil defence and national security planning and preparedness.

Find out how to convert point cloud data into a 3D model using EdgeWise Plant by ClearEdge 3D

Learn how EdgeWise software makes quick work of transforming ground surface scan data into a 3D model.

This video explains how EdgeWise software from ClearEdge 3D quickly produces 3D models of interior building surfaces from laser scanner equipment.

Discover the benefits of EdgeWise Building software from ClearEdge 3D to create highly accurate 3D models from laser scanning data

MAVinci SIRIUS UAS - Getting Jobs done when other UAS struggle

New SIRIUS UAV is ideal for completing aerial mapping and volume calculations. Weighing only 3kg and with a 1.6m wing span, SIRIUS is launched by hand and can be land automatically or manually with autopilot assistance for greater control.

The IP-S2 Mobile Mapping System overcomes the challenges of mapping 3D features at a high level of accuracy. The vehicle-mounted system can map data at normal travel speeds for roadway surface condition assessments and roadside feature inventories. Other applications include pipelines, railways, utility corridors, and waterways.

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