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Demo video of our map based visualisation tool, iControl. iVolve's mining FMS user interface

Here's a small taste of what you can expect to learn on the Introduction to Micromine course. Visit for more information and to book the course in a region near you!

MICROMINE is pleased to present this new video of the Implicit Modelling module for Micromine, which was launched in May 2013 as part of the Micromine 2013 launch.

Peter DeMoor of Dredging International/DEME, discusses their "best of breed" approach for their positioning systems for over 50 of their machines. DredgeRoverâ„¢ is flexible and can be configured for an array of excavators and cable cranes. For more information, please visit or email machine More links in the video for Septentrio and MGB Tech.

In this 10 minute interview, we sit down with Garry MacPhail, cofounder & director at Australia's Position Partners, to discuss their new initiatives for mining machine control, fleet management, material management and most importantly training and service. Position Partners exclusively offers Carlson Machine Control for mine site management and 3D machine control for dozers, diggers, haul trucks, bucket wheel excavators, draglines, surface miners and a much more. Other applications served with Carlson Machine Control include solid waste landfills, dredging, 3D drilling and solar panel pile driving. Enjoy the video and contact for more information.

Brief overview for FMO's main screen

Carlson Software has been providing mining design, build and reclamation solutions for over 15 years. Our products are used all over the globe including 95% of the coal mines in North America. Please contact us to discuss customized, scalable solutions for your mine.

Carlson develops 3D positioning solutions for dozers, compactors, shovels, excavators, bucket wheel excavators, loaders, haul trucks and graders as well as site management tools for grade checking and surveying. These machines or "rover assets" can be monitored and managed with an office package called Fleet Manager Office. Data flows bidirectionally offer powerful production tools including reports, historical playback, instant message, etc. For more information, email or visit

Application video for Carlson Software's Drill Grade, a 3D Drilling system addressing many crawler and vertical drill applications. as well as LoDrills. For more information, please visit

Carlson Software's Landfill Grade - a GPS landfill management system including compaction, deflection, avoidance zones (gas wells, etc), asbestos tagging, remote monitoring, reporting, AUF Volume Reports and more. Please visit for more information.

Grade Supervisor is a powerful, flexible site management tool for grade checking, surface and point management. Applications include landfills, mining, heavy highway and site construction, dredging and basic surveying. Features include collect/stake points, volume calculations, dynamic cut and fill, building simple and complex slopes and more. Please enjoy this application overview video. For more information, email machine or visit

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