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Virtual Surveyor has a free version. This video will explain the most important things you need to know about the Virtual Surveyor Valley version.

1) Create projects
You can create projects and add orthophotos, digital elevation models, vector data and point clouds to the project. The coordinate system is set automatically based on the data you add. You can change the coordinate system and then all data will be reprojected on-the-fly.

2) Vector data
You can add DXF, LandXML and CSV files to your project.

3) Point cloud data
Point clouds are converted to terrain files. You can select the point cloud classes before you start the conversation process. Holes in the point cloud will be filled automatically and the data will be displayed with the hill shade lens enabled.

4) Terrain lenses
In addition to the hill shade lens you can use all the other terrain lenses in the free Valley version. You can enable the Elevation lens, Contours lens and display slope direction and steepness. The terrain lenses are explained in detail in another movie.

5) Measurements
The free Valley version allows you to do simple distance, height and slope measurements. Doing such measurements on a drone dataset can save you a tremendous amount of time because you don’t need to send a surveyor in the field.

6) Activate
You can activate the free Valley version in your online portal. When your company has a paying subscription, you’ll have access automatically once you join the organization account. Also, when your paying subscription ended you still can have access to the free Valley version. Simply drag your Virtual Surveyor ID out of the subscription box to the Available Identities box.

Virtual Surveyor is smart drone surveying software.

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