What we do

We build business relationships by sourcing, deploying and supporting intelligent positioning solutions to enhance our customers' productivity.

Wherever you find surveyors, engineers, construction machine operators and contractors, Position Partners is there to assist their work to be precise, efficient and in control.

Formed in 2008 by joining five state-based laser and machine control distributors, Position Partners has now grown to a 250+ strong team with offices in every state and territory of Australia, along with New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore. 

Our people have a diverse skill set to enable the best outcomes for your project. We employ cadastral, engineering and mine surveyors, mechanics, electrical engineers, computer programmers, spatial sciences experts and more to ensure we have the know-how to source and tailor technology solutions to save on time, labour, wasted materials and rework. 

We love a challenge 

If you have a unique requirement or an idea for how technology could improve a process for your construction, infrastructure, mining or geospatial project, we’d love to help! 

We are experts at finding and customising solutions to suit a project’s requirements and enjoy working collaboratively with our customers for the best outcome. 


Capability Statement for Survey & Civil Construction

Capability Statement for Mining

What we do?
Thinking national, acting local

Acting local keeps us focused on individual requirements to provide customised solutions. Thinking national permits wider initiatives and wiser investment in new innovations. As an example, a custom-built solution to track construction machinery using satellite communications in remote areas of Western Australia, is now being deployed nationally.

National expertise keeps us innovating positioning solutions such as mobile scanning, while regional sales and support teams provide local know-how and experience.

Our offices are conveniently located near the major cities’ transport corridors and provide:

A service centre

A showroom

Over the counter sales

Product hire

Training facilities

Technical support is provided in the service centres or on site.