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Top 7 features and benefits of Topcon GT Total Stations

Smaller, faster, lighter: With the Topcon GT-1200/GT-600, you get the efficiency of a single-operator robotic system, the power of long-range reflectorless measurements, and the versatility of Hybrid Positioning! “It’s doing everything…
Survey Products for sale

Grab your survey accessories online!

We’re thrilled to announce our new online shop for survey and construction accessories, Here you’ll find a comprehensive range of accessories from leading brands including Seco, Rothbucher Systeme,…
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The next generation of automatic excavator control is here

At Position Partners, we’re massive fans of machine control technology because we’ve seen the changes in operator confidence and productivity first hand. We’ve witnessed construction projects finished before their scheduled end date thanks…
Topcon GX-55

Final Trim – the Topcon way

Topcon machine control technology will provide you with the flexibility to mix and match your grader solution to suit different applications at different stages of the project you’re working on. With many of the new graders in Australia arriving…
Topcon Construction Layout tool

Do the survey work yourself with the LN-100 layout navigator

According to the Department of Jobs and Small Business, many employers are unable to attract surveyors to fill their vacancies due to a shortage of surveyors in South Australia, Victoria, metropolitan Queensland, and urban and regional NSW.…
Topcon GLS 3D laser scanner

Topcon announces advanced concrete application workflows

Topcon Positioning Group announces a new workflow bundle designed to modernise concrete FFL (Floor Flatness and Levelness) applications. A new ClearEdge3D development and sales partnership with a leader and pioneer in 3D laser scanning software…