Topcon LN-150 Construction Total Station

set out your site plans yourself

Reduce your dependence on surveyors and eliminate rework with the LN-100 or LN-150 construction set out solutions from Topcon, supported by our team of survey and technical experts at Position Partners 

From AUD $25,000 + GST

Topcon construction set out solutions

for sale or for hire in australia

  • No more stringlines, survey-accurate set out

  • As easy to use as a Topcon laser level, as accurate as a total station

  • Ideal for builders, concreters, plumbers, formworkers, electricians and other trades

delays cost money. mistakes cost money

Topcon’s intelligent set out tools will increase your efficiency and avoid costly rework through accurate layout of your digital site plans. Layout all this and more with the Topcon LN Series: 

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