iDig 2D machine control for sale or hire

Meet your new grade checker

iDig’s advanced 2D excavator grade control system works with all makes and models of machine to deliver real-time depth, slope and distance to grade information straight to the cab.
iDig is a technically advanced tool. It was designed and developed to enable easy installation, calibration, and use, to meet or exceed contractors’ stringent needs.

Easy to install

Save up to $2000 installing it yourself.
installation guide included

iDig is the best value for money 2D excavator grade control system available in Australia

  • Real time depth, distance and slope information 

  • Quick to install yourself and swap between machines

  • Fits to all makes and models of excavators

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Frequently ask questions

Any brand of rotating laser will work. Red, Green or even an Invisible beam, will be able to be used with your iDig. A non-rotating, line laser will not work.

No and Yes.

No. The iDig does not require you to have a laser setup on site, a benchmark can be carried across the site using the bucket edge.

Yes. If you are wanting the most accurate benchmark carried across a work site or if you are digging to a Grade, a laser will be required.

No. Before you start digging you just need to catch the laser once and this locks in the benchmark. Simply catch the laser again after you’ve moved.

Only if you have either a tilting bucket, tilting hitch or an Auger attachment. Even then the Tilt Sensors are not mandatory but are highly recommended.

For each additional machine you need an “Extra Machine Kit”. Depending on what model of iDig Touch you have this kit number could be either an XD527 (Small Combo) or an XD528 (Large Combo).

If you also have Tilt Sensors that you’d like to swap along with your main iDig System, you’ll also need an extra Tilt Sensor Mount (XD429).

If you have the Dozer Blade upgrade option, you’ll need an extra mount for the blade sensor. This is an XD422.

If you have multiple machines that have a second boom, an additional XD422 Sensor Mount will also be required

You will need the XD529 Tilt Sensor Kit for use with an Auger. If you have the Tilt Sensor kit already, then you do not need extra sensors for your Auger.

Ideally, yes. The iDig is most accurate when you are taking an accurate benchmark before you start digging.

It is not recommended that you leave the sensors on the machine overnight or for extended periods. While the sensors are Solar Powered and will constantly charge while left on the mounts, they will still be on and there is a risk that they do not receive enough sunlight to recharge and therefore reduce the batteries capacity. Forgetting them and leaving them on over a weekend is fine and won’t damage them in anyway, just leave them out in full sun to recharge fully before use.

As the sensors are solar powered and exposed to some sunlight when in operation, they’re unlikely to fully discharge. If operating in the dark on full charge, the sensors will give up to 40 hours of operation in optimal conditions.

It is recommended that the sensors are left in open sunlight, not behind a window, to fully charge. If the batteries have fully discharged for whatever reason, they may take 1-2 days in sunlight to fully charge again.

No, the iDig is an excavator only system. With the new Dozer Grade function, why use another machine when your excavator can do it all?!

The iDig can store up to 100 individual attachments. Buckets, Augers, Rippers, Levelling Bars, Brooms…. Almost any attachment you can put onto your quick hitch can feasibly be calibrated to be used with the iDig

Yes, if you have a Kobelco. iDig and Kobelco have worked together to enable seamless installation and calibration of the iDig onto Kobelco machines. A XD406 Radio Sensor kit is required.

Yes. The iDig system can be installed by anyone with some technical knowledge and machine operation experience in around 3-4 hours. However, it is recommended that an experienced iDig installer is used to ensure a complete and accurate installation.

It’s not about the size, but it’s more about the work that machine will be doing! Any machine that will be used digging to a grade or a level will immediately benefit from having an iDig on board.

There are machines of all sizes around the world using the iDig every day, even 200t monsters in the mines of Western Australia.

No. The iDig is a 2D guidance system. Not needing a GPS saves makes this a very affordable alternative.

While the iDig can simultaneously dig to a set depth and reach, you cannot create profiles or shapes with the iDig.

No, once calibrated the iDig is set. Recalibration will only be required if the sensors are moved or if the machine is changed physically in any way. Cutting edges of buckets can deform through wear and tear and if inaccuracies appear then a recalibration of the bucket is required.

No. The minimum unit of measurement is 1cm and this is reflected in the onscreen measurements. There is a Metric option available which will show an onscreen number as 0.01m for example.

Yes. Each individual LED can represent a customised measurement, down to a minimum of 2cm (20mm).

Yes. The audible alarms can be customised in any number of ways. The frequency, tone and time and usage can all be changed and set up to your discretion.

Radio waves don’t travel very well under water and so can have a significant impact on accuracy. However, the iDig does have an “Underwater Mode” where you can dig underwater without receiving a signal from the bucket sensor.

There is a Tape Measure. You can place your bucket in one spot and move it anywhere in space to another spot (as long as the excavator doesn’t move) and it will give you measurements from point to point of – Height difference, distance, degree of slope and the length of that slope.

There is also a Height Alarm. You can set a maximum safe working height using the boom and dipper and have the iDig visually and audibly alert to when you reach that point. It’s not a lockout system and is only a guide but can be handy working under a roof or powerlines.

There are additional upgrade options, such as – Tilt Sensor Kits, Dozer Blade Control, Auger Compatibility, Tilt Rotator Compatibility and Kobelco Offset boom machines. Talk to your local representative to find out more.