Machine control is here to stay, and we’re here to help

At Position Partners we know that great products are only half the story – the rest is making those products work and getting the most out of them.

If you haven’t already upgraded to using machine control technology in your construction work – or don’t know what it is – you don’t need to worry. But you should at least be aware you’re missing out on one of the most important innovations in the construction industry today. And you should know, too, why choosing Position Partners for your machine control needs will be one of the most important decisions you make in cutting down needless expense in your projects.

Remind me: what is machine control?

In case you don’t know, machine control is a digital positioning system installed in construction machinery used to provide the operator precise reference information for their operation. A machine control system would, for instance, be able to determine the exact location of a digger’s bucket cutting edge with reference to the ground using a series of sensors as well as transmitted GNSS or laser signals. This allows the operator to dig with far greater accuracy than without it. It also removes the need for additional staff to work near the bucket checking and guiding the operator to grade.

Machine control might sound complicated, but it’s no more complex in operation than any other piece of computer technology used in industrial services. It might be based on mathematical principles, but it’s designed to be as clear and easy-to-use for you or your operators as possible.

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So, what makes using machine control better?

We get it: it’s often hard for a civil contractor to take the leap and commit to machine technology due to the investment required to do it right. Upgrading plant with machine control can seem like an arbitrary step to take, but you’ll quickly reap the benefits of your investment with an entirely new degree of flexibility, accuracy, and time savings.

For example, a machine control system will eliminate the extra time and labour used to manually measure, grade check and peg out the design. Instead, operators have live information about the position of the machine’s cutting edge right there in the cab with them, either indicating or automatically controlling the machine to design. 

Excavating, scraping, and grading more accurately with machine control also eliminates the need for rework. With machine control, operators don’t need to spend extra time, labour, and material on backfilling and can minimise unnecessary machine hours – getting the job done right the first time, every time.

This is also where our remote support system, Tokara comes in handy. Position Partners can remotely assist operators to configure correction services, program radio channels or frequencies, and advise on how best to undertake complex tasks to make the most out of your system.

With the ability to remote into the operator’s machine, technicians can offer fast, efficient support whenever and wherever our customers need us. Tokara dramatically reduces the amount of time a machine’s parked up and not working, keeping our customers productive and working effectively.

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But why should I consult Position Partners for my machine control needs?

Machine control technologies might be easy enough for a kid to use, but it’s support that’s needed to keep them going. Let’s be real here – this is a matter of putting high-end electronics into massive, dirty, rough machines that work in the dust and mud all day and have enough power to push over buildings if required. Things do happen, mistakes can be made, and machinery simply wears out over time.

This is where our national team of technicians, warehouses, and Cloud-based backup systems come into play. We can replace damaged parts or deploy a repair unit to immediately get our customers back up and running, whatever you need.

Position Partners has worked with machine control technology and levelling instruments since their inception. There’s not much our team doesn’t know when it comes to GNSS, optical positioning, laser levels, sonic trackers, and more. And because we’re experts in retrofitting equipment onto machines of every size, make, and model, if it’s got a cutting edge and is made to move dirt, we can fit a system to it.

If it’s all starting to make sense, and you know why an upgrade to a machine control system will be one of the best decisions you can make for your project, why not give us a call and take the first step towards not only increasing your on-site productivity, but experiencing what it really feels like to have full control of your machines.