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Topcon News: 19 February 2018

The Topcon FC-5000 survey tablet has been upgraded with new productivity enhancing features. The FC-5000 is already a market leading piece of equipment and with these new features coming in March, the world’s best survey tablet just got better!

Topcon News: 13 February 2018

Position Partners is pleased to announce that Andrew Jones has joined the company as the second Business Development Manager in the Monitoring Solutions Team. In his new role, Mr Jones will be responsible for the New South Wales and Southern regions.

Position Partners News: 8 February 2018

Machine control systems are now an everyday sight on construction sites. If you do not already use machine control systems, chances are that you soon will.

Position Partners News: 8 February 2018

GPS/GNSS-based 3D grade control systems have made a major impact on how heavy construction is done, but they still have limitations when it comes to achieving very tight vertical accuracies.

Topcon News: 5 February 2018

Topcon Positioning Group announces the new GM-100 total station designed to provide a powerful EDM along with advanced integrated communications technology in a manual package.

Position Partners News: 23 January 2018

Customers who plan to work with radio transmitting equipment between 13th March and 30th April 2018 in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and parts of Northern NSW, please take note of strict embargo rules released by ACMA for the Commonwealth Games.

Topcon News: 23 January 2018

Many prospective 3D machine control system buyers quickly grasp the concept that a GPS/GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) antenna or LPS (Local Positioning System) prism mounted on the blade of a motor grader allows the position of the cutting edge of the blade to be known in real time.

Topcon News: 19 January 2018

A new robotic line marking tool negates the need for surveyors to manually set out road lines on foot, saving time, dramatically improving safety and often removing the need for traffic control on live roads altogether.

Position Partners News: 19 December 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have received two Teledyne Optech Polaris units for demonstration purposes and the first orders of Z+F's much anticipated 5016 model will begin shipping early 2018!

Position Partners News: 19 December 2017

In light of the recent announcement of an Australian Space Agency, Martin Nix and Peter Woodgate, who are both members of the space advisory group to the Government, share some insights into how space has become crucial to the country’s short- and long-term prosperity.

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