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3D Laser Scanners and Software

3D laser Scanners sourced from leading suppliers worldwide enable you to model almost any structure inside and out. Our dedicated terrestrial laser scanning team is here to assist in an advisory and support capacity to ensure we match a solution to your geospatial project requirements. With local calibration checks available in Australia, Position Partners is able to assist with service turnaround times and often eliminate the need to send your scanning instrument overseas for service or calibration, keeping your team in the field and productive for longer.

  • z+f Profiler 9020 Position partners

    Z+F Profiler 9020 Laser Scanner

    The Z+F PROFILER® 9020 is a highly efficient 2D laser scanner for mobile mapping applications. The ...
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  • Topcon GTL-1000 Total Station and 3d Laser Scanner

    Topcon GTL-1000 Total Station and 3d Laser Scanner

    A hybrid one person total station and 3D laser scanner, the Topcon GTL-1000 is ideal for surveying, ...
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  • z+f Imager 5016 3d laser scanner

    Z+F IMAGER 5016 3D Laser Scanner

    Compact and lightweight but with state-of-the-art precision scanning technology for indoor and outdo...
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  • Topcon GLS-2000 3D Laser Scanner | Position Partners

    Topcon GLS-2000 3D Laser Scanner

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  • Polaris 3D laser scanner for sale or hire

    Polaris Series 3D Laser Scanner

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  • Geomagic Control Software | Position Partners

    Geomagic Control

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  • Geomagic design for sale in Australia

    Geomagic Design X

    Geomagic® Design X™ creates CAD models from 3D s...
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  • Scantra point cloud software

    Scantra by Technet Gmbh

    Ideal for processing very large data sets that combine hundreds or even thousands of scans, Scantra ...
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    ClearEdge3D EdgeWise

    Faster, more accurate 3D modeling

    Enjoy automated ...

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  • ClearEdge3D Rithm For Sale Position Partners

    ClearEdge3D Rithm

    Floor Flatness & Levelness (FF/FL) QA Software, Directly Integrated with Autodesk® Naviswor...

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  • ClearEdge3D Verity

    ClearEdge3D Verity

    Built according to plan—100% verified

    Advanced con...

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