Landscaping Tools, Grade Lasers, Machine Control, Laser Receivers for Sale or Hire

From auto levels for accurate height measurements, to versatile Topcon machine receivers and the iDig 2D grade control system for landscaping excavators, we have all the tech you need to get a precision finish on every landscaping project. Talk to our team today about our rental options.

  • Topcon RL-H5A Laser Level for sale or hire

    Topcon RL-H5A Rotating Laser Level

    Need to shoot elevations up to 400 m from your laser? No problem —this revolutionary rotating lase...
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  • Topcon RL-H5B, rotating laser level

    Topcon RL-H5B Rotating Laser Level

    The RL-H5B self-levelling construction laser from Topcon Positioning System (TPS) with great distanc...
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  • Topcon Laser RL-SV2S | position Partners

    Topcon RL-SV2S Dual Grade Laser

    Versatile dual grade construction laser - Topcon's RL-SV2S can be used for a wide range of applicati...
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  • Topcon RL-200 Series Grade Laser | Position Partners

    Topcon RL-200 Series Grade Laser

    Precision grade lasers available in single or dual slope. Advanced functionality, reliability and ac...
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  • Topcon AT-B Dumpy Levels

    Topcon AT-B Series Dumpy Levels

    Topcon dumpy levels to replace the AT-B3 and AT-B4!  The levels have been updated to feature a smal...
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  • iDig Excavator grade control | Position Partners

    iDig Touch

    iDig 2D grade control for excavators from $11,995 + GST - no more getting out of the cab to check gr...
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  • Topcon LS-B100 Laser Receivers | position Partners

    Topcon LS-B100 Laser Receivers

    360 degree laser receivers compatible with a wide range of machine types. Choose from the LS-B100, L...
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  • Topcon LS-B10 Laser Receivers | Position Partners

    Topcon LS-B10 Laser Receivers

    Compact magnetic machine mount receiver series with wireless bluetooth option. Easy to follow bright...
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