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Tokara Remote support for machines


What is Tokara for?

Position Partners has tailored the Tokara service to deliver benefits for a wide range of stakeholders involved in a civil construction project, including:

  • Project Managers: proactively manage and ensure all machines, sub contractors and survey crews are working to the latest design file.
  • Machine operators: work efficiently with design updates, support and training available in the cab.
  • Surveyors: send design files to machines and supported survey devices remotely to ensure everyone’s working to the correct design.
  • Foremans: easy to read map gives you quick access to all machines and survey assets, site-wide.
  • Contractors: keep track of all equipment across multiple projects.
Tokara, Position Partners, remote support for machines

Tokara is the gateway to every machine and survey asset in the field

For all machines & survey assets

Tokara lets you send and receive files from most leading positioning technology brands and machine makes

Project-wide and fleet wide

Whether you’re managing multiple assets on a single project, or a fleet across multiple projects

Remote access to your devices

Login and remote access leading brands of 3D machine control and somesurvey assets

The Gateway To Every Machine And Asset On Site

Tokara Remote Machine control

Tokara Office

Manage design files across all devices from a single portal

Tokara Office is designed for surveyors, contractors and managers
to proactively control the design file management process across a
fleet of machines and rovers.Whether you’re working on one site or managing your fleet across several projects, Tokara helps you to ensure everyone is working to the correct design file.

One to many file transfers, multi-brand

Instantly send design updates to all machines and supported survey rovers, including mixed brands of machines & positioning technology

File transfer history by machine, device or group

View what files were sent with the date and time sent as well as the date and time downloaded

Colour coded file status for proactive management

View when an operator has downloaded and is working to the latest design, or if it has been sent and not downloaded

Version control and file recovery

View design version history and access or recover deleted files for up to 5 days after deletion

Your world, on a map

View and access critical information at a glance

View the machine or device type, online status, connection strength and last known location (updated every 10 minutes) and more

Interactive map to create group or measure

Draw the boundary of a project to create a new geofenced file group. Use the ruler feature to measure distance between CORS GNSS bases and devices

Live filters to get the data you need

Filter your assets by status, file group, serial numbers, name or any other parameters you use to organise your assets and check their status

Tokara Project

All Tokara Office benefits included

Our Project licences include all features and benefits of the standard Tokara Office software in addition to the advanced project feature.

Designed for project managers working on major civil construction sites with multiple contractors, Tokara Project includes advanced benefits including geofenced design file management.

Auto project folder sync to field devices

Minimise double-handling of design files by syncing a project folder with Tokara so that files are sent automatically when updated on your PC

Geofenced file groups by project or task

Alert operators to receive files automatically as they enter a project or specified area. Remove files when they leave site

Chat & File Messages with operators

Send a message with design file transfers or send and receive chat messages to operators within the Tokara Project portal.


Tokara lets you remotely access the screens of your machine control and survey instruments with a single click

Access Topcon and other factory or aftermarket devices remotely

Send & receive messages to operators, surveyors & foremen

Tokara plans for civil systems

Civil Essentials

Civil Essentials provides Tokara connectivity on your machine, including data and hosting, along with a full suite of remote support benefits from Position Partners – including basic operator training – to keep your operators productive on the job site.

Tokara Remote Support

Service includes

Tokara civil essentials

Survey Advantage

Designed for your survey rovers and total stations on site, our Survey Advantage plans offer comprensive services and remote support access from Position Partners technicians to keep survey crews working effectively. In addition to many of the Civil Essentials plan inclusions, Survey Advantage offers a number of survey specific benefits, including:

  • Multi-brand site configuration – GNSS & Total Station
  • GNSS static support
  • Radio frequencies & configuration
  • Localisation conversions
  • 3D design format conversions

Service includes

Tokara | Remote Access For Construction Equipment

Tokara Lite

Designed for machine control and survey devices not supplied by Position Partners, Tokara Lite provides the hardware, data and hosting services to enable you to connect and remote access these assets using the Tokara Office software.

Note, there is no remote support provided for this service.

AEMP Subscription

Tokara gives fleet managers, business owners and other key stakeholders visibility across all machines from a centralised portal.

Tokara gives you a full range of information for every make and model of equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Machine make and model
  • Time and date
  • Machine engine hours or SMU
  • Location at a glance with map visualisation
  • Fuel levels where available
  •  Fault codes

Fill in your details and your local team will be in touch to discuss your requirements

Precise GNSS Systems

Survey GNSS solutions available for sale or for hire from our branches throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Our range of survey GPS options for the land surveyor offers reliable, accurate RTK GNSS positioning with multi-constellation support and the ability to integrate with your total station and utilise both technologies interchangeably. 

Our products have a high build quality, feature-rich designs and are easy to use, which minimises training times and maximises productivity. 

Need something else?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or  you have a unique project you’d like to discuss with us, please drop us a note and we’ll  be in touch!

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