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Big BIM: Managing Very Large As Built BIM Projects

Large BIM projects create a whole new set of challenges for AEC firms. From more complex field collection to managing massive data sets, Big BIM can stretch and stress even the most well-managed project team. The sheer scale of Big BIM means that any problems, if not corrected early, can compound and place the entire project at risk. No doubt Big BIM provides big opportunities – but perhaps even bigger risk.

This webinar will focus on the unique challenges of very large as-built BIM projects (multi-structure over a large area), highlighting two experienced AEC firms and how they plan and execute massive as-built BIMs. These never-before seen case studies will show you:

• They key differences between project planning for Big BIM vs. regular BIM—learn how to reduce risk in your largest BIM projects
• Field collection strategies to ensure the fastest, most efficient site work—discover how to minimize field time and maximize collection efficiency
• Strategies for managing massive terabyte-sized datasets
• Advanced modeling techniques and team workflows for maximum back-office efficiency
• New technologies and software to extract and model Big BIM quickly and accurately—upcoming releases from EdgeWise and others
• And much more!

Join Siavash Mohseni, Lead VDC Engineer at Hensel Phelps, Phil Tapp, Project Manager,, Bury Associates, and Alex Demogines of ClearEdge3D (formerly with FARO) on this unique and informative webinar.

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