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The MAGNET Conference has wrapped up for another year

Another successful conference for the year! The annual MAGNET Conference, which was held on the 22nd and 23rd August, at the Intercontinental Sydney was attended by more than a hundred users from across Australia.

This year’s conference was designed to highlight the changes that had been made to the software, by way of the previous year’s wishes and enhancements from the users, and how this can improve their workflows and productivity, with the release of the next version.

Included in the day were workshops that were interactive training sessions. These workshops gave an insight into some of the features and methodology of the software, that wasn’t always apparent.

Leading on from this, was a workshop that encouraged the users to interact with their peers and the Topcon developers to help guide the future of the software, by nominating any changes they deem as important, for the software. It is important to mention, that one of the MAGNET users presented his own workflow, and take on the software, leaving users with an extended knowledge on how adaptable and flexible the software is, and how it can be altered to change workflows.

The MAGNET Conference is here to stay and is a great way for users to engage with their community, build the software, and be a part of something that will help them achieve their desired outcome. Both Position Partners and Topcon, would like to thank everyone who attended this conference and we hope to see everyone back next year for another successful event.

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