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Line Marking robot | Tiny Surveyor

During the construction of a road there are several line marking tasks that are traditionally done by a surveyor. The change to a digital construction model means a repeatable task, like line marking, is perfectly suited to automation – allowing the surveyor to concentrate on more project critical tasks. The Tiny Surveyor from Position Partners is a robotic pre-marker tool that will save you time, increase safety and enable you to mark out road lines automatically.

Do you want to see the Tiny Surveyor in action? Download the Tiny Surveyor On Demand Webinar from Position Partners.

The Tiny Surveyor line marking robot:

  • Is 10 times faster than marking on foot;
  • Works with GNSS and total stations;
  • Increases safety by reducing manual set-out;
  • Can be used for roads, car parks, sport fields, airport runways and factories;
  • Supports any standard size aerosol can;
  • Allows you to upload design files via USB;
  • Allows you to switch between autonomous and manual mode via the tablet app.

Tiny Surveyor is a robotic pre-marker tool that will save you time, increase safety and enable you to mark out road lines automatically. Other applications include carpark set-out, airport set-out, indoor factory set-out and sports track set-out. With the ability to interface to any GNSS or total station for precise height measurements, the Tiny Surveyor is a versatile and reliable tool that works for eight hours on a single charge.

Recently, Tiny Surveyor was used to mark out more than 50km of line work on Brisbane Airport’s new runway. A job that was projected to take up to 6 weeks to complete was finished in 5 days thanks to Tiny Surveyor! Brisbane Airport Corporation and the construction team at Skyway were delighted with the results and invited us to take part in the announcement of the runway opening. See these news snippets from Channel 9 and Channel 7:

Get a sneak peak of the Tiny Surveyor in the video below and watch this line marking robot race a surveyor:


For more information or to download the Tiny Surveyor On Demand Webinar, visit Tiny Surveyor On Demand Webinar.

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