Machine Mounted Receivers Increase Grading and Excavating Potential

The Topcon LS-B100 machine-mounted laser receiver from Position Partners offers accelerated accuracy for grading and excavating, improves safety on site and increases profitability.

The LS-B100 machine mounted laser receiver is an affordable grade indicate system designed to improve grading and excavating production and accuracy.

Other features include:

  • Fast set-up and easy-to-use, the LS-B100 receiver can be mounted to your machine in minutes
  • 360º laser detection
  • Large working range
  • Indicate control
  • Rugged, waterproof design
  • On-grade matching
  • Universal pole clamp

Increase accuracy

Attach the LS-B100 to your dozer, scraper, excavator, backhoe or drag-boxes, turn it on, bench in and go to work.

No more waiting for a grade checker or jumping off your machine to check your own grade. With the LS-B100 you know if you are above, below or on-grade all the time.

Machine Laser Receiver Topcon LS-B100

Improve safety on site

With an LS-B100 receiver laser receiver, the operator can work to a level and reduce the risk of over or under digging. With easy to follow LED light bars to give a quick visual reference, along with audible alerts to guide the operator to grade, machine mount receivers are a cost effective and simple way to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

As operators can work to level without the constant help of a grade checker, Topcon machine receivers improve safety on site. And with more autonomy over their work, the LS-B100 receiver increases productivity by removing lost time due to manual grade checking.

Increase profitability

This affordable laser receiver makes any job more profitable:

  • Put the LS-B100 on a dozer or scraper and you can get to grade in fewer passes saving fuel, machine hours and wear and tear.
  • Attach the LS-B100 to a backhoe or excavator and you can virtually eliminate over-excavating and not have to rely as heavily on a grade checker.

The Topcon LS-D100 machine-mounted receiver is recommended for 2D earthmoving applications and suitable for site preparation and drainage.

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Machine Laser Receiver Topcon LS-B100

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