Tiny Surveyor improves safety and removes tedious tasks from the surveyors workloads

Dayne Corps, Director, Karratha Earthmoving saw a video on YouTube of the Tiny Surveyor GPS Line Marker robot from Position Partners in action and thought it would be the ideal instrument to implement into his technology arsenal.

Mr Corps initially purchased the Tiny Surveyor intending to use it for line marking but knew his team of surveyors would embrace it and build on their use of the instrument to continually make their workflow more efficient.

“We’re a company that is looking forward to keep ahead with technology, so when I got the Tiny Surveyor GPS Line Marker I knew that we could use it but I also knew that we’d grow with our use of it because we’re that kind of company,” said Mr Corps.

“We’re always thinking how we can grow, how can we expand, how can we make it better. Technology has always been engrained in the company.”

Karratha Earthmoving purchases Tiny Surveyor to increase efficiency

Mr Corps purchased the Tiny Surveyor to increase efficiency across all of Karratha Earthmoving’s projects, including surveying and marking out on airport runways, line marking car parks and line marking long stretches of road.

“It was basically for all my projects, with the Tiny Surveyor you’re not having to send a surveyor out to site for 2-3 hours to go mark a job. It’s only taking them 20-30 minutes. Overall, our efficiency has definitely increased and the surveyor has more time to do his numbers and checks,” said Mr Corps.

“You’re stopping your surveyors from being stressed an under the pump and being rushed – the Tiny Surveyor cuts that out,” said Mr Corps.

“Anything I can do for my surveyors to help them having to stop doing tedious jobs is unreal. It just saves a lot of the boring stuff, the parts of the job that are boring and time consuming,” added Mr Corps.

Tiny Surveyor improves safety and removes tedious tasks from the surveyors workloads

The main benefits that implementing this GPS Line Marker has reaped for Mr Corps is improved safety for the surveyors and allowing the surveyors to focus on tasks that put their skills to better use.

“Safety’s a big one, getting my team a step away from live traffic. If we look after our people, look after our culture, invest in them and invest in technology – that profit on the bottom line just happens automatically and that’s what we’re trying to achieve,” said Mr Corps.

“The technology doesn’t make you better – it complements what you’re already good at. My guys are already really good at line marking and dealing with the data, but the Tiny Surveyor complements them to make their job easier and more efficient. The Tiny Surveyor means I can put my surveyors’ skills to better use.”

Karratha Earthmoving is a company that is always looking 5 years into the future, envisioning and planning on how they can make their work more efficient, environmentally friendly and more profitable. The Tiny Surveyor GPS Line Marker is an instrument that aligns with their vision: increasing safety for their surveyors, making processes more efficient and allowing the surveyors to focus their skill set and remove tedious and repetitive tasks.“We’re always doing different things and adapting, it’s who we are. We’re forever pushing and asking ‘how can I make it better and more accurate?’,” said Mr Corps.

“The Tiny Surveyor is part of everything we do, it just fits the mould.”

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