Z+F PROFILER 9020 2D laser scanner available from Position Partners

This highly efficient 2D laser scanner is made for mobile mapping applications and with its scan rate of more than 1 million points/sec. and scanning speed up to 267 profiles/sec., very short distances between profiles can be achieved even at a high speed of a moving platform.

z+f Profiler 9020 Position partners
z+f Profiler 9020 Position partners
z+f Profiler 9020 Position partners

The PROFILER 9020 offers significant accuracy and speed improvements over the previous generation 9012, in a form factor that is 50% smaller and lighter,” said Geoffrey Preece, Market Development Manager – Scanning, Position Partners.

The PROFILER features a new and very powerful laser technology as well as further developed algorithms that ensures highly accurate measurement results on rails, roads, street signs and other traffic control systems, such as traffic lights.

“The PROFILER is most suited to mobile mapping and rail corridor mapping applications and the smaller form factor will provide further application possibilities as well,” said Mr Preece. 

The PROFILER 9020 is a compact high-speed phase-based laser scanner with high precision, 182 m range and a 360° field of view. For data capturing in close range, it is equipped with special optics.

“Z+F are a highly regarded manufacturer of world leading laser profiling systems,” said Mr Preece.

“They have pushed the bar even higher with the release of the 9020!”

For more information on the Z+F Profiler 9020, please visit: https://www.positionpartners.com.au/product/zf-profiler-9020/

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