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2D Machine Control Is The Gateway Into Machine Control

2D machine control (angle sensors, laser receivers, sonic trackers, etc) is where machine control started around 40 years ago and it is still the backbone of everything we do today in 3D machine control with GPS

“A large percentage of applications are still powered by 2D machine control at heart, whether that be grading a slope on a motor grader with Topcon System 5 or digging a building pad on an excavator with iDig,” said Joel Seddon, Construction Business Manager, Position Partners.

“After all these years, the 2D world is still a gateway into machine control for so many and will continue to be so for years to come.”

No matter how big or small your next project, Position Partners have you covered with everything from a simple laser receiver on your excavator stick up to Dual mmGPS on your asphalt paver – and everything in between! Contact us today to discuss how to put your next machine control system to work.

iDig Touch Excavator Grader Control | Position Partners
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