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AllDayRTK Australia and New Zealand CORS network RTK service

Free 30-day trial on new AllDayRTK CORS network

Position Partners has launched AllDayRTK, a national network RTK solution across Australia providing flexible, subscription-based services for the surveying, GIS, civil construction, mining and precision farming industries.

AllDayRTK is a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) network. “CORS networks offer a number of advantages over traditional base station operation, including reduced setup time, consistent accuracy regardless of distance from a reference station (within networked areas) and subscription-based access for greater payment flexibility,” said James Millner, Position Partners’ GNSS Infrastructure Manager.

“In setting up AllDayRTK, Position Partners is collaborating with privately operated and Government-run state networks, such as Victoria’s GPSnet.

“Because of this, we are able to provide a seamless solution for customers that crosses network borders to deliver accurate, reliable GNSS positioning with 20mm accuracy in network RTK areas.”

In addition, Position Partners has established an extensive network of its own CORS bases, to compliment existing infrastructure and deliver even greater coverage in regional and metropolitan areas around the country.

“AllDayRTK is designed to be a complete service solution for anyone needing accurate GNSS positioning in their work,” said Millner.

“Rather than go through different providers depending on your location, AllDayRTK lets you work anywhere using the same subscription and manage one account instead of many.”

Position Partners has established an online AllDayRTK customer portal that allows users to manage their subscriptions online, download RINEX data and view detailed network information at the click of a mouse.

As part of the rollout of AllDayRTK, Position Partners is offering all new users a free 30-day trial so they can experience its benefits first hand.

“Our customer portal makes it very easy to just set up an account and start using the service within minutes,” said Millner.

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