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“Panasonic Australia has announced a battery recall for affected FZ-G1 Mk1-2-3 battery units. Affected units may present a risk of overheating, causing smoke or ignition, presenting a potential hazard to users.

Despite only a single documented case in Australia, Panasonic are acting in line with our shared commitment to user safety. End-user, partner and distributor stakeholders have been advised and will receive ongoing updates until the issue is addressed. We now request that end-users contact our team to register affected devices as a next step.

Full details and expanded FAQ’s are available at our dedicated issue website

The model number of the battery pack is FZ-VZSU84U. Affected batteries can be identified by the lot number, which is printed on the battery. The affected lots are: FZ-G1A***, FZ-G1C***, FZ-G1F***,  FZ-G1L***, FZ-G1M***, FZ-G1N***.

In Australia, the specific SKU’s impacted are:

Panasonic FZ-G1 Toughpad  

Users have been advised they have two options for any affected unit prior to the receipt of their replacement batteries.

1. To apply a BIOS utility that will reduce charging from 4.2 volts to 4.0 and reduce the peak operating settings of batteries. This is now available locally for all users for download from

Once run, the device will provide a “0” code which confirms the changes have been successfully implemented (Note: this is specific to FZ-G1 Mk1-2-3, and will return a “99” code on FZ-G1 Mk4 and “3” on any other platforms without making any changes). This setting will only become effective after rebooting the unit. Full instructions are online.


2. Where it is safe to do so, users with an affected unit are advised to cease operations, turn off their FZ-G1 Tablet, remove the battery pack and only power the computer through approved vehicle docks, desktop docks or the power adaptor and cord from mains power directly.


  1. End-users will contact Panasonic to register the quantity, model and location of affected units, along with where they prefer replacement batteries to be sent, their subject owner and preferred contact details e.g. they may wish to have replacement batteries shipped to one location, or multiple locations.
  2. End users are asked to call 1800 700 006 or email to register.

Additional Actions on Receipt of Replacement Battery

  1. Once the replacement battery is fitted to non-ATEX units, please download a new firmware utility which will be available for download from
  2. Certified ATEX users can install replacement batteries upon receipt. Other users will have batteries installed by a Panasonic partner. If you are uncertain if a fleet is registered to complete battery installations, please contact Please do not apply the firmware update until Panasonic confirms sustained ATEX certification.
  3. Once the replacement battery is installed and this firmware is applied, your actions are complete.


When will we receive further information?
Panasonic are working with all stakeholders to confirm the timing of replacement batteries for affected units. Registered users will be contacted with further details in the near future.

What actions should I take?
Please ensure your end-users apply one of two optional actions prior to the receipt of replacement batteries for affected units (as above). Please contact the Panasonic team to register your preferred support location and quantity for battery replacement, subject owner and contact details.

Are current FZ-G1 Mk4 Toughpad SKU’s affected by this potential issue?
No, this action is specific to selected FZ-G1 Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 SKU’s.

Are any other platforms affected by this potential issue?
No, this action is specific to selected FZ-G1 Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 SKU’s.

Will the FZ-G1 Toughpad still operate on mains power, or a DC vehicle dock with the battery removed?

Will the firmware utility affect the original BIOS utility applied before I received the replacement battery?
The final firmware utility will overwrite the BIOS utility to ensure additional safety controls and full product performance. Panasonic will advise ATEX users when they can apply the new firmware after replacement batteries are installed. The firmware can be applied immediately upon installing the battery for all other users.”

For further information, please contact Panasonic:


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