Position Partners announces reseller distribution channel for construction products

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Position Partners has announced that its construction product porfolio will now be distributed via a network of approved resellers – including general hardware stores throughout Australia – to improve accessibility for customers.

The company offers a range of Topcon and PLS construction lasers and accessory measuring devices that cater for the building, interior fitout and plumbing trades. From now on lasers for building and consruction trades will be widely available in general hardware stores and specialty tool shops across the country, giving customers improved access to high quality equipment.

“Ten years ago lasers were highly specialised tools that required expertise and enhanced support,” said Ben Davis, Position Partners’ construction product manager.

“Nowadays, they are part of every tradesman’s tool kit, which means we needed to make them more accessible to customers.

“Now a customer will often find the latest Topcon and PLS laser tools available in their local hardware store.”

Before reseller distribution came into effect Position Partners – as the exclusive distributor for Topcon Positioning Systems and PLS – was selling laser equipment and measuring devices direct to the trades through a team of field sales representatives.

The company will now focus its sales teams towards the civil engineering and surveying industries for machine control and survey solutions and no longer make direct calls to tradesmen on job sites.

“It is a great win for the customer and a great opportunity for our resellers,” said Davis.

A customer can find their nearest reseller by calling 1300 96 LASER (1300 96 52737), while an interactive search function is coming soon to the company’s website.

“Position Partners is committed to supporting our resellers and growing the construction laser market to its full potential,” Davis said.

“We offer our resellers a full range of industry-leading tools that include Topcon and PLS construction lasers as well as measuring accessories such as Rotosure wheels and Yamayo tapes.”

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